Syria in the Last 24 Hours: Triumph in Albukamal
Units of our armed forces in cooperation with the allied forces, completed removing the booby traps and explosive devices left behind by Daesh and continue to stabilize their positions, expanding control all areas of Albukamal.

General Qasim Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force in the Revolutionary Guard today in the city of Albukamal in the south-eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour. He led the battle to liberate the city, which today is completely under the control of the Syrian army and its allies following violent confrontations with the terrorist organization.

Thus, units of the Syrian army and allied forces took control of the city of Albukamal.

Syrian Army Thwarts Daesh Attack on Albukamal

Two days after Abu Kamal, a southeastern Syrian town near the border with Iraq, was liberated from terrorists, Daesh militants have attempted to make a comeback.

The Syrian troops eliminated the militants who entered the embattled town with fire support from US-coalition jets, according to a source in Syrian military speaking to Sputnik. The terrorists launched a counter attack after the Syrian army squeezed them from the town.

The military source has also said that engineers are currently demining the city, destroying mines and land mines that were left in Abu Kamal’s residential areas by terrorists.

The development comes as the Russian jets continue an operation to clear the terrorists from areas surrounding Abu kamal. The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday the strikes by six Tu-22M3 bombers on Daesh targets near the town, with the operation being carried out for the third day in a row.

The Syrian armed forces announced on November 9 that the government has gained control of Abu Kamal that was considered the last big stronghold that Daesh had in Syria.

Army cleanses al-Boukaml of terrorism, retakes new areas in Hama

19 November، 2017
Provinces, SANA

Al-Boukamal city in Deir Ezzor province has been declared fully liberated as the units of the Syrian Arab Army eliminated the last hotbeds of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists there.

SANA reporter in the city, which is located 140 km southeast of Deir Ezzor, said al-Boukamla is now clear of Daesh after the army and allied forces fought fierce clashes with the remaining terrorists over the past few hours after isolating the eastern side of the city.

Earlier, the reporter said the army units advanced slowly and carefully because of the many mines and explosive devices planted by Daesh all across the city, which are now being removed by the engineering units and demining experts.

The reporter said that about 150 terrorists retreated from al-Boukamal to the east of Euphrates River under the cover and protection of the US-led international coalition while others surrendered to the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) groups that are supported by the US.

In the same context,. army units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, regained control over villages of Haran and Hardaneh in the northeastern countryside of Hama province.

SANA reporter said that the army units carried out a precise military operation targeting Jabhat al-Nusra hideouts in the two villages, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their hideouts.

The reporter added that scores of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists fled away and army units are pursuing them in the area.

Meanwhile, SANA delegate to al-Boukamal city in Deir Ezzor province said the Syrian Arab Army and its allies eliminated the last hotbeds of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in the city, noting that army’s engineering units continue sweeping operations to demine the city’s streets and neighborhoods.

Authorities find weapons, ammo, lab for making toxic materials & explosives in Daesh hideouts in Deir Ezzor

19 November، 2017
Deir Ezzor, SANA

During their combing of the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city that were reclaimed by the Syrian Arab Army from Daesh (ISIS), the authorities uncovered amounts of weapons, ammo, and a lab for making explosives and toxic materials that were abandoned by the terrorists.

SANA’s correspondent in Deir Ezzor said that the authorities uncovered a fully-equipped lab that was used by Daesh to make explosives and toxic materials, and that it contained materials for making explosives such as concentrated monophosphate, triphosphate, silver nitrates, and C4, in addition to IEDs of various sizes and shapes and remote detonators.

The correspondent added that the authorities also found a large number of shells including mortar rounds, various types of machineguns, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, explosive belts, and detonators inside another Daesh hideout in the city.

7 workers killed in shelling attack on a mill in Homs

19 November، 2017
Homs, SANA

Seven persons were killed in a shelling attack by armed groups on al-Walid Mill near Homs city.

SANA reporter in Homs said two rocket shells fired by armed groups positioned in a number of areas and farms in Homs northern countryside hit al-Walid Mill on the outskirts of Homs city, claiming the lives a number of workers and injuring many others.

The attack, which constitutes a new breach of de-escalation zone agreement in the northern countryside of Homs, also caused massive material damage to the mill, the reporter said.

Dr. Hassan al-Jundi, Head of the Health Directorate in Homs, told SANA that the attack caused the death of 7 persons and the injury of more others, adding that the death toll is likely to rise as many of the wounded have sustained serious injuries.

The Director of the Mill Samir Salameh said that the mill went out of service completely due to the huge material damage that reached about 75%, indicating that the capacity of the mill is one ton per day. Said

Israeli Tank Fires Warning Shot Toward Syria For a Second Time In 2 Days

On Saturday, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire toward Syrian government forces. On Sunday, a similar incident took place.

TEL AVI (Sputnik) — On Sunday, Israeli troops once again fired a warning shot in the direction of Syrian forces carrying out protective works in the demilitarized zone on the Israeli-Syrian border, Israel Defense Forces press service said. Similar incident had occured the day before.

“In the last few hours, the Syrian Armed Forces violated the 1974 ceasefire by strengthening a military post in the demilitarized zone between Syria & Israel. In response, an IDF tank fired a warning shot towards the area,” the press service said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Israeli-Syrian relations are strained, particularly over the disputed region of Golan Heights, which serve as a center of conflict between the two Middle Eastern states. The two countries so far have multiple time exchange reciprocal attacks along the border.

During the 1967 Six-Day War with Syria Israel occupied the Golan Heights and annexed the territory in 1981. However, this act has stipulated severe criticism from the international community and it has not recognized the Israeli annexation. In 2008, even the United Nations Organisation has called Tel Aviv to return the ‘annexed territory’. The Golan Heights buffer zone was created according to the ceasefire agreement in 1974 following the 1973 Yom Kippur war between Israel on the one side and a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria on the other side.

Additionally, The latest IDF attack on Syria occurred in September 2017, when the IDF attacked Syrian Arab Army forces in the province of Hama. However, the Israeli Defense Forces refused to comment on that incident.

Syria in the Last 24 Hours: Army Establishes Control Over New Areas in Damascus, Hama