President al-Assad’s Address to the Nation : July, 2015

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Saudi-GCC Alliance Continues to Bomb Yemen

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Damascus Declaration : Placing all Terrorist Organizations on Terror Lists

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Al-Jaafari : No Stability in the Region Without Just and Comprehensive Peace

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فيلمٌ عن جرائم الإرهاب التكفيري في سورية .. واستهداف كافة مناحي الحياة في سورية .

فيلمٌ عن جرائم الإرهاب التكفيري في سورية .. واستهداف كافة مناحي الحياة فيها .. قصة صمود عمرها خمس سنوات .. عرض في افتتاح “المؤتمر الإعلامي الدولي لمواجهة الإرهاب التكفيري”

A film about the crimes of takrfiri terrorists in Syria and the targeting civilians from all walks of life.

It is the story of the Syrian people’s heroic resistance.

Arabic With English Subtitles.

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HRW : Saudi Crimes in Yemen Exposed

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Al Jafaari at the UNSC Exposes Saudi and Allies Plot Against Syria (Arabic)

بشار الجعفري مندوب سوريا الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة يفضح تورط السعودية وحليفاتها في المؤامرة على بلاده في كلمته أمام مجلس الأمن الدولي اليوم.

Bashar Al Jaafari, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, exposes the involvement of Saudi Arabia and its allies in the plot against his country in his speech before the UN Security Council today.

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Yemen : Saudi Jets Pause Following Deadliest Raid

Yemen : UN Calls For Respect of the Ceasefire

PLO : Statement on Israeli Plans to Displace Palestinians, Expand Illegal Settlements

Is the UN Conniving with the Saudis in Yemen?

Battlefield Report : Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Why Did ISIS Attack Suruç?

Battlefield Report : Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Yemen War Continues From Aden to Sanaa

Battlefield Report: Syria in the Last 24 Hours

ICC: Prosecutors Should Revisit 2010 Israeli Flotilla Raid

YPG-YPJ Control of All Roads Leading to Hasakah

Palestinian Organizations Statement in Solidarity With Syria – Please Sign

PLO Press Release : Dr. Erekat denies report on “secret contacts” with the Israeli side

United Nations Truce Immediately Collapses in Yemen

Carnage in Yemen Continues Without Pause

Nizar Abboud
Nizar Abboud

Interactive MAP details Israeli strikes a year after Gaza war

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