Syrian Army Enters New Villages Northwest of Hasaka, Continues Deployment in Northern Countryside

22 October، 2019
Hasaka, SANA

Syrian Arab Army units expanded deployment in Hasaka countryside as they entered a number of new villages in the surroundings of Tal Tamer town , northwest of Hasaka city, in parallel with the movement of other units to complete deployment in the province northern countryside based on its duty to protect and defend the homeland.

Army units continue to deploy in northwestern Hasakeh countryside

SANA reporter said that army units on Tuesday entered the villages of al-Kozaleya, Shwaish, al-Nufaliyeh, al-Mahal, al-Badran, al-Hizam, Kahfet al-Marati and al-Dubaib in the southwestern countryside of Tal Tamer, northwest of Hasaka and immediately boosted their points there.

The reporter added that the army units moved from the early morning to complete their deployment in Hasaka northern countryside, while other army units are completing deployment in the northwestern countryside on Hasaka-Aleppo International Highway.

Syrian Army units enter the village of Kozliya, west of Tel Tamer

The army continues to deploy in al-Jazeera areas and Manbij area of Aleppo countryside