Nineteen Syrian Opposition Groups Unite under ’Al-Sham Legion’

Nineteen Syrian Opposition Groups Unite under ’Al-Sham Legion’
Local Editor
Syria: opposition protest (Archive)Nineteen Syrian armed opposition factions announced Monday they had assembled under an umbrella group named “Al-Sham Legion.”

In a video posted on their official Facebook account, the group said it was made of 19 armed factions actively fighting against Syrian army forces in the suburbs of Aleppo, Idlib, Homs, Hama and Damascus.

The group pledged to take back the regime-held areas in these cities.

The new organization seems to indicate a recent trend within the Syrian opposition to unite following the dreadful defeat they are facing in battles against the national military in Syria.

Syrian army launched in May 2013 a wide-scale military operation to clear the Syrian cities of the Takfiri and terrorist groups, in order to restore Security in the state and return residents to their homes safely.

Most of the Takfiri terrorist killed in battles are found mercenaries from 81 different countries around the world, and are smuggled from Jordan and Turkey to fight by Saudi tools in the region.

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