Syrian Front : Nine Ceasefire Violations in the past 24 Hours

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Russian Defence Ministry Briefing on Ceasefire Process

Turkish tanks & artillery concentrate on border with Syria near Kobani

Russia Confirms Turkey’s shelling of Syrian territories, requests clarification from USA
28 February، 2016
Moscow, SANA

Russian Defense Ministry confirmed Sunday that armed terrorist groups launched an attack from the Turkish territories against Tal Abyad city in the north countryside of Raqqa province.

Lieutenant-General Sergey Kuralenko, the head of Russia’s center for monitoring cessation of fighting actions based in Hmeimim said in a statement that the center has received information indicated gunmen’s attack on Tal Abyad city was accompanied with heavy artillery shelling from the Turkish side, Russia Today reported Kuralenko affirmed that this information was confirmed through many channels which emphasized that a group of 100 terrorists infiltrated across the Syrian borders from the Turkish side.

Kuralenko stressed that “this information was verified through multiple channels,” adding that “Russia has requested clarification from the US-run counterpart center based in Amman, since Turkey is a member of the US-led coalition for fighting ISIS”.

Later on Sunday, Kuralenko said that nine cases of violating the agreement of the cessation of hostilities were monitored in Syria during the past 24 hours, one of them was shelling al-Kabaneh town in Lattakia countryside by the terrorist groups.

The cessation of fighting actions has started in implementation of the Russian-US agreement and was adopted by the UN Security Council in accordance with Resolution No 2268.

Turkish regime-linked terrorist groups in the northern countryside of Aleppo targeted Nobbol town with rocket shells last night according to local sources.

The Russian defense ministry said in a statement on Sunday that the Syrian Army did not respond to the mortar shells which were fired by terrorist organizations in Joubar and Eastern Ghouta on residential neighborhoods in Damascus on Saturday.

This came in response to a request from the Russian center for the coordination of monitoring the cessation of hostilities, according to the ministry.

The statement pointed out that the center for monitoring the cessation of hostilities in Hmeimim received from the United States a list that includes 69 groups which stated their agreement to the conditions of cessation of hostilities in Syria.

9 violations of Syrian ceasefire in 24 hours
28 February، 2016

Russian monitors of the ceasefire in Syria have recorded nine violations of the truce over the last 24 hours. They said overall the ceasefire is holding up, but some of the violations were attributed to the rebels.

Pledges to observe the ceasefire have been submitted by 17 “moderate” rebel groups and elders of 35 towns and villages, who said that they would expel anyone not willing to uphold the deal and enlist those willing to do it into local militias, the Russian center for reconciliation said. The US has filed a list of 69 rebel groups who have subscribed to the ceasefire, they said.

Six of the nine violations were noted because the fire came from the regions of suburban Damascus under the control of “moderate” rebel groups listed as observing the ceasefire by the American side, the report said.

In the Raqqa province, a group of some 100 fighters crossed into Syria from Turkey. The group later joined forces with other militants and attacked the Kurdish town of Tell Abyad.

The 250-strong group was supported by artillery fire from the Turkish territory, a fact that Russia said the US should explain. The Kurdish YPG militia fended off the attack, the report said.

In Latakia province, fighters of the Al Nusra Front terrorist group, which is not included into the ceasefire deal, fired mortar shells at a local militia force, which returned fire.

The terrorist positions were in an area under control of a “moderate” rebel group, the monitors said. Multiple casualties were reported in the clash.

A suicide attacker detonated his car bomb on a road about 1km east from Hama city. The car came from an area controlled by “moderate” rebels, the report noted.

The US Strategic Command confirmed that the Syrian ceasefire was generally adhered to.

The rebel High Negotiating Committee (HNC)’s spokesman Salim al-Muslat claimed that Russia and Hezbollah violated the ceasefire at least 15 times, but didn’t provide any details. Russia said it is no longer conducting airstrikes in areas where the hostilities were put on hold.

The ceasefire was brokered by leading world powers, including the US and Russia, and is meant to pave the way to reconciliation between the Syrian government and moderate rebel forces, which would together agree on a peaceful transition in the country. Some of the stronger forces in Syria, including the terrorist groups Islamic State and Nusra Front, rejected the negotiation and are not subject to the ceasefire.

A citizen killed, 8 inured in a terrorist attack in Deir Ezzor
28 February، 2016
Deir Ezzor, Lattakia, SANA

A citizen was killed on Sunday and 8 others were injured in a terrorist attack with rocket shells fired by ISIS on al-Qusur neighborhood in the city.

A source in Deir Ezzor told SANA that terrorists from the Islamic state ( ISIS ) who are positioned in al-Bgheileh, have targeted al-Qusur neighborhood with two rocket shells.

Terrorists target areas in Lattakia northern countryside

Meanwhile, the takfiri terrorist organizations located in the border areas with Turkey targeted with shells some areas in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

A field source told SANA reporter that dozens of mortar and rocket shells hit on Sunday noon different areas in the northern countryside of Lattakia, claiming the lives of many citizens and injuring many others.

The source added that the shells were fired from the hills adjacent to the Turkish border where terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and other Takfiri groups are located and receiving arms and support from Erdogan’s regime.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal/Mazen

YPG: Attacks by  Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham and collaborator groups constitute a breach of ceasefire


Efrîn and Aleppo General Command of People’s Defense Forces (YPG) has released a written statement reporting a breach of ceasefire against Efrîn and Sheikh Maqsoud.

The statement reported intensified attacks against YPG and Kurds as some groups made efforts to invalidate the ceasefire that went into effect in Syria on February 27 upon the approval of the United Nations Security Council.

Stressing that YPG abides by the truce and acts in accordance with it, the statement said Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham gangs deployed in Atmê town of İdlib launched an attack on Dêrbelût village of Efrîn’s Cindirêsê town at the dawn of the night when the ceasefire went into effect as of 00:00 o’clock.

Gang groups in Qubtan Al-Cabal village also attacked the Bashemrê village of Shêrewa district with mortar fire and homemade explosives. Many families were displaced and the local people suffered material damage as a result of the bombardment.

On the other hand, -YPG said- Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham and collaborator groups acting with them are continuing their uninterrupted attacks against the civilian population in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo. 27 civilians died and hundreds of others got wounded as a result of the attacks. Gang groups didn’t stop but on the contrary escalated their barbaric attacks after the beginning of the ceasefire. One YPG combatant and one child were martyred as a result of the attacks intensified during the past two days, while 12 people including children were wounded.

YPG Efrîn and Aleppo General Command announced that the attacks pushed their patience, but they still didn’t use their right to self-defense.

Kurds Repel 100 Militants Attacking From Turkish Side of Syria Border

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Defense Ministry said a group of up to 100 militants violated the Syrian border from Turkey, but were later repelled by the Kurds.

Russia has received information of an assault on the northern Syrian town of Tel Abyadh from Turkish territory, the head of the ceasefire monitoring center at the Russian Hmeymim airbase in Latakia said earlier Sunday, Sputnik reported.

According to the reports, Kurdish militias have repelled Daesh from Tel Abyadh, a town straddling the Syrian-Turkish border.

Militants Withdraw from Border Town in Raqqa

TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group confirmed on Sunday that it has pulled its fighters back from a key town in the Northern part of Raqqa province at the border with Turkey under the heavy attacks of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Kurdish fighters have significantly advance against the ISIL militants in the town of Tal Abyadh and have pushed the terrorists back form the town.

The YPG and SDF fighters are now engaged in fortifying their positions inside and outside of the town.

The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks.

Reports said on Saturday that the YPG) alongside the SDF have engaged in heavy fighting with the ISIL terrorists in the Northern part of Raqqa province.

The Kurdish forces stormed the ISIL positions near the town of Tal Abyadh and inflicted major losses on the terrorists.

On Wednesday, the Kurdish fighters, after almost six day of intense battle against al-Nusra Front, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Harakat Nouriddeen al-Zinki and Al-Shamiyah Front, imposed full control over the Bani Zeid Youth Housing Complex in Aleppo city.

The SDF that is comprised of mainly Kurdish fighters as well as a few hundred Syrian Arab dissident forces have received trainings from the US and have been provided with scanty US-coalition air support in their battles in Raqqa province in Northeastern Syria; but in Northern and Northwestern battlefronts, they have been operating alongside the YPG and received the Russian air backup in their Aleppo wars that started with the conquest of Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates early in February.

Assisted by the Syrian army – that has along with popular forces and Hezbollah conquered almost all militant-held regions in Eastern, Southern, Western and Northwestern Aleppo province – and Russian air support, the Kurdish forces fighting against the terrorists in North-Northeast Aleppo province have been making striking advances against the al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and ISIL terrorists in February.

Earlier this month, the YPG and SDF fighters prevailed over the terrorists in the highly strategic city of Tal Rifat in Northern Aleppo and captured the city.

The YPG, who enjoyed the Russian air backup, prevailed the terrorists’ positions from the Western direction and shook hand with the Kurdish units of the SDF who entered the town from the North.

Army eliminates terrorists in various areas across the country
28 February، 2016
Provinces, SANA

An army unit killed more than 20 ISIS terrorists during operations against their hideouts in the areas of al-Ketef and al-Masmaka in Bukmal city to the southeast of Deir-Ezzor.

A military source told SANA Sunday that an army unit destroyed upon investigative information a den of ISIS terrorists, a broadcasting station and a tank in al-Sfeira al-Fouqani village to the northwest to Deir-Ezzor.

In Deir-Ezzor city, army units destroyed a tunnel of ISIS terrorists in al-Matar al-Qadeem neighborhood, a rocket launcher in al-Jbeila and a vehicle that was transferring terrorists near al-Syasia Bridge to the north entrance of the city.

Earlier Saturday, three children were killed and 12 other people were injured in ten ISIS terrorists’ mortar and rocket shells at al-Joura and al-Qosour neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor.


Army units repelled an attack by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists against a military post in the southern countryside of Hama.

An army unit clashed with terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra who attacked a military post in Hur Benafsu area 40 kilometer to the south of Hama.

The clashes ended by thwarting the attack after scores of terrorists fell dead or injured along with their vehicles which were destroyed.

Syrian Army, Allies Score More Victories against Terrorists in Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army troops and their popular allies continued to push the ISIL terrorists back from more positions in the Southeastern part of Aleppo province and seized full control over one more strategic village in the region on Sunday.

The Syrian army, Hezbollah, the Republican Guard, and the National Defense Forces (NDF) captured the village of Abu al-Karouz after a violent battle with the ISIL in the Khanaser Plains.

The village of Abu al-Karouz is located in Jabal al- Souss (Al-Souss Mountain), which is not far from the recently captured town of Khanaser.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian army and popular forces discovered weapons and food parcels in recently-captured territories in the Southeastern part of Aleppo province that have been supplied by Saudi Arabia to the ISIL terrorist group.

Pro-government troops in Syria discovered weapons, munitions and food parcels in recently-captured Khanaser, supplied by Saudi Arabia to the terrorist group.

Syria: Government Forces Continue to Advance in Lattakia

TEHRAN (FNA)- The militant groups left behind scores of dead and wounded members and fled their strongholds in the Northern part of Lattakia province after coming under heavy attacks by the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces.

The Syrian government forces engaged in a tough battle with the terrorists of al-Nusra Front and forced them to pull fighters back from the small town of al-Saraf in the Northwestern side of Rabei’eh.

Al-Saraf is now under the full control of the Syrian army and popular fighters.

Another battle is underway between the army men and the militant groups in Tal Nawareh in the same region.

In relevant developments on Saturday, the Syrian army continued its advances in Lattakia against the Jeish al-Fatah (the Army of Conquest) terrorist group and seized back more key regions in the coastal province.

The army units pushed back the Jeish al-Fatah militants from the surrounding areas of al-Saraf village after a four-hour battle.

The army sent too many reinforcement forces to prevent the militants from making advances in the area.

Syria: Russian Warplanes Pound Terrorist Centers in Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian fighter jets, in a fresh round of anti-terrorism combat flights on Sunday, bombed the concentration centers of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in the Western part of Aleppo province, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

Gathering centers of the Nusra Front near Anadan, Hraytan, Qabtan al-Jabal, Maarat al-Artiq and Dar al-Izza came under the heavy bombardments of the Russian air fleet, which claimed the lives of several militants.

Nusra fighters’ military hardware also sustained major damage in the air raids.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian Army and popular forces discovered weapons and food parcels in recently-captured territories in the Southeastern part of Aleppo province that have been supplied by Saudi Arabia to the ISIL terrorist group.

Pro-government troops in Syria discovered weapons, munitions and food parcels in recently-captured Khanaser, supplied by Saudi Arabia to the terrorist group.

Syrian Army Inflicts Major Casualties on Militants in Hama

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army fended off the ISIL offensives in al-Salamiyah region and forced the terrorists to retreat from the battlefront under heavy fire.

The ISIL attempts to prevail over the government forces’ lines of defense near the axis of Bari al-Sharghi, Aqareb, Ghab al-Basel and Tal Abyadh were repelled by the Syrian army.

The ISIL left behind scores of the dead or wounded members and fled the battlefront.

The Syrian army also destroyed a number of the ISIL vehicles and military equipment.

On Saturday, the Syrian army and popular forces continued to advance in the Eastern parts of Hama province and seized back more strategic villages there.

The Syrian government forces took full control of al-Hasu, Koujan and Rasm Sifu villages in the South and Southeast of Al-Sa’an region in tough battle with the ISIL militants in Eastern Hama.

Scores of militants were killed and wounded in fierce clashes with the Syrian army and popular forces.

Several IS Commanders Killed in Syrian Airstrikes in Deir Ezzur

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian warplanes carried out several combat flights over the ISIL gathering centers in different parts of the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur and targeted them heavily leaving several terrorist commanders dead.

The Syrian army’s aircraft tracked and targeted a hideout of the ISIL leaders in the villages of al-Sfaira al-Fouqani in the Northwestern part of the city of Deir Ezzur, which ended in the killing of several leaders of the group.

In the meantime, the ISIL concentration centers in the villages of al-Jafra in the Eastern part of the province came under the heavy strike of the Syrian fighter jets, which destroyed the militant centers’ infrastructures.

In relevant developments on Saturday, a column of ISIL’s military vehicles, mainly armored ones, sustained major damage after the Syrian army opened heavy fire at the convoy in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur.

The Syrian army targeted the ISIL column of armored vehicles, including several tanks, deployed in the Southern part of Euphrates River near the village of al-Mura’yeh in the Eastern part of the province.

The Syrian army’s attacks inflicted major damage on the ISIL vehicles.