Syria in the Last 24 Hours: Army Controls Over 400 sq km in Aleppo Countryside

Syrian army units and allied forces took control of many villages and towns located northeast of the road extending from Khanazir to Tal al-Amra to the Mount of Forty. The distance separating the forces from the Khansir axis from the advancing forces from the north-east of Sinjar is 2 km, ie, there is control and fire closure of the gap. In the event of a meeting, the armed groups were surrounded in an enclave extending from south-west of Khanazir south of Aleppo to the axis of the Chakosia north-east of Hama.

Syrian forces and their allies launched a quick operation from their positions in the vicinity of Mount 40 in the southern suburbs of Aleppo, and took control of the villages: Barda, Tal Hatabat, Petrana, Jafar Mansour, Rajila, legs, Guerifra, The army advanced from Tel Ahmar south-west of the capital, and took control of several villages, onwards to   the town of Tel-guarantee, after clashes with  Nusra Front  and allied factions. The army are combing the villages and areas northeast of the villages on the outskirts of Khanazir-Tal al-Amna-Jabal al-Arbaeen road. It is worth mentioning that the road of Khanazir passing through the security guarantee to the mountain of forty is about 45 km long, which highlights  the importance of the road as it secures the area of ​​the south-eastern Aleppo countryside, which includes dozens of villages.

Army establishes control over 400 square kilometers in Aleppo countryside

Army establishes control over all villages and town northeast of Khanasser-Tal al-Daman road in Aleppo countryside

14 January، 2018
Aleppo, SANA

The Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with supporting forces, achieved new victories during their continuous operations to uproot Jabhat al-Nasra terrorist organization and its affiliated terrorist groups in Aleppo southern countryside, establishing full control over every village and town northeast of Khanasser-Tal al-Daman road all the way to al-Arba’een Mountain.

SANA’s correspondent said that over the past few hours, army units and their allies established control over the village and farms of Burj Sabna, Swaiha, al-Ismailiya, Marbaet al-Salloum,Jub Ghleis, Jub al-Khafi, Rasm Abdo Bisha, Bisha, Muraba’a Kabira, Rabi’a, al-Bakat, al-Zaidiya, al-Satablat, Rasm al-Bassas, Jub al-Tina, Rasm al-Karkour, Madaen Kabir, Mshairfet Arjul, Talil al-Sayyah, al-Zana, Rasm Fattah, al-Samiriya, Mughairat al-Shebli, Bassila, al-Hajeb, Rasm Shoukan, Soyan, Kafro Hoot, al-Tiba, Burj Ghazawi, Jadida, Sarj Fare’a, Hajj Mansour, Khirbet al-Muaijer, al-Qunaitrat, Sarja Gharbiya, Talil al-Sayyah, Rajm Omairat, al-Marhamiya, and Mushreft al-Hilalat.

Earlier today, the correspondent said that the army established control over Jabal al-Madwar, Wadi al-Sanou’, the villages of Nu’maniyah, Bouaida saghira, Mushrefat al-Bouadatin, , Bouaida Kabira and al-Wajed in the northeast of the road between al-Damman and al-Arba’een Mountain in the southern countryside.

The correspondent added that the engineering units finished combing the liberated villages. The remaining terrorists who fled from the villages were targeted by the army’s intensive artillery and air strikes.

On Saturday evening, the army units and allied forces, carried out swift operations in the vicinity of al-Arba’een Mountain in the southern countryside of Aleppo, taking control over the villages of Barda, Tel Hatabat, Batrana, Ja’far Mansour,Rjaila, Arjal, Gharirfa and Munbateh reaching to town of Tal al-Damman, west of Khanzer. Other army units advanced from Tal Ahmar, southwest of Khanaser, and established control over several villages in the vicinity of Tal al-Damman town.

Establishing control over the 45-km-long road between Khanaser, Tal al-Damman and al-Arba’een Mountain completely secures the southern countryside of Aleppo which includes dozens of villages and areas.

Ghossoun / Hazem Sabbagh