PFLP commemorates Martyrs’ Day in Gaza with commitment to resistance and liberation

martyrs2The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in central Gaza held a large festival commemorating Martyrs’ Day, the 42nd anniversary of the martyrdom of the leader Comrade Mohammed al-Aswad (“Guevara Gaza”), member of the Political Bureau of the Front, and his comrades Abdelhadi al-Hayek and Kamel al-‘Amsi, who fought to their last breath against the Zionist forces on March 9, 1973. The PFLP forces they led were renowned for their strong military resistance to the occupation in Gaza.

The event included a ceremony honoring the families and children of the martyrs who have fallen in the struggle of the Front and of the Palestinian people, pledging to remain on the path for which they gave their lives, for the revolution and the liberation of Palestine.

A large number of families of martyrs and prisoners participated in the event, which was led by Comrade Jamil Mizher, leader of the PFLP in Gaza, and his comrades in the Political Bureau, Comrades Maryam Abu Daqqa, Rabah Muhanna, Kayed al-Ghoul and Ghazi Sourani.

Comrade Lina Abu Sharkh opened the event, recalling the Palestinian cities and villages that have produced the many martyrs who have fallen for Palestine, pledging that the Front will not forget the sacrifices of the martyrs.

Comrade Allam Kaabi, former prisoner and member of the Central Committee of the Front, delivered greetings on behalf of the comrades of the Prison Branch to the families of the martyrs. He noted the commitment of the Front to remaining in the trenches of resistance and to armed struggle until the liberation of Palestine. He noted that the day that marks the martyrdom of Guevara Gaza and his comrades has become a day of commemoration of all of the martyrs of the Front and their collective consciousness and experience in the theory and practice of creative revolutionary struggle, as embodied in the work of Guevara Gaza.

Kaabi also noted that Martyrs’ Day comes one day after International Women’s Day, saluting the women martyrs of Palestine and highlighting the importance of honoring Palestinian women and their participation in the revolution, and their struggle for full social and political equality and liberation, as the status of women is a fundamental pillar that must be elevated in order to achieve victory and justice for the Palestinian masses.

Kaabi also discussed the current situation of the Palestinian cause, its complex internal character and conflicts, especially in light of the role of regional and international powers and the crimes of the occupier. He emphasized the importance of rehabilitating as the top priority, the principal contradiction with the occupation, escalating the resistance in all ways and by all means, and the necessity to put an end to the path of futile negotiations employed by the occupier as a cover for continued aggression and settlement expansion.

He also emphasized the critical importance of immediately ending all communications, relations and security coordination with the occupation and the development of a collective national plan to harness the energies of our people to confront the Zionist occupation.

Comrade Reham Abu Omreen, the sister of the martyr, Comrade Osama Mahmoud Abbas Abu Omreen, spoke on behalf of the femilies of the martyrs, emphasizing that this day is an occasion for the families of the martyrs to come together to confirm their steadfast adherence to the principles for which their children and their loved ones sacrificed, until the Palestinian people achieve their goals to return, to self-determination and independence.

She saluted the Front, saying that “you are the hope of our people to end the division and build a progressive democratic society. You are the democratic alternative that we aspire to achieve, that has the capacity to bring joy to the oppressed and marginalized.”

Artists and performers sang Palestinian songs and performed folkloric dabkeh dance, as well as reciting poetry.