Media source: 123 martyrs in Khan al-Assal massacre

Jul 27, 2013


Aleppo, (SANA)-A media source said that the death toll from the massacre that armed terrorist groups committed in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside reached 123 martyrs, with many others still missing.

The majority of the victims are unarmed civilians, the source pointed out.

Medical tests helped identify 6 of the martyrs, the source said, vowing that the perpetrators will pay a heavy price for their barbarity and affirming that ”the Syrian people and army are on high alert.”

The armed terrorist groups committed a genocide against a number of civilians and military personnel in Khan al-Assal town in the countryside of Aleppo.

Gang of the so-called Ansar al-Khilafa Brigade admitted committing the terrorist massacre in Khan al-Assal, mutilating the bodies of the martyrs and throwing them in a big hole on the outskirts of the town, in addition to incinerating a number of the martyrs’ bodies.

Khan al-Assal area was last March the target of a chemical weapons attack when terrorists launched a rocket containing chemical materials, killing 25 citizens and injuring 110 others.

The new massacre, which came in light of the continued international silence and open Western support for the armed terrorist groups, stirred all the Syrians in resentment calling for quick and firm response towards the murderers who have been allowed access to enter Syria across the border.

Syrian establishments, organizations and parties condemn Khan al-Assal massacre

Head of the Syrian Human Rights Network, Ahmad Khazem, stressed that the massacre, during which the terrorists set the martyrs’ bodies on fire, is “a blatant violation of the UN Convention against Torture and a crime against humanity”.

Khazem added that this crime also constitutes a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1373 and Article 25 of Rome Statute, clarifying that both the resolution and the article stress on the prevention of providing material and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups.

This form of support, in addition to providing weapons, funds and shelter, has continued to be offered to the terrorist groups in Syria by the governments of Turkey and Gulf states, on top is Saudi Arabia.

For his part, Head of the Lawyers Syndicate, Nizar Skeif, demanded sending an urgent letter to the Security Council on this massacre so as to refer its perpetrators and their backers to the International Criminal Court.

Spokesman for the presidency of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, Adel Nei’seh, condemned the calls and efforts to supply the terrorists in Syria with qualitative weapons from the Gulf states.

Those efforts, Nei’she said, “have caused the Syrians to fall victim to criminals whose heads are filled with devilish fatwas.”

In turn, Head of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds, Omar Aussi, highlighted that the new massacre in Khan al-Assal aims at escalation by the terrorists, a step they usually resort to “before any chance for political solution” as the coincides with the arrival of a UN team to investigate the crime of chemical weapons use in the town.

In the same context, the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students condemned in the strongest terms the massacre in Khan al-Assal, denouncing the “rude silence” on this crime of all the opposition parties that claim moderation.

The Union pointed out that the massacre reflects the barbarity and savageness of the takfiri terrorist groups that are implementing the agendas of Al Saud monarchy.

In turn, Ministry of Justice condemned the massacre committed against civilians and soldiers in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside.

In a statement, the Ministry stressed that justice will reach all criminals.   

On a relevant note, the Arab Democratic Solidarity Party issued a statement condemning the massacre, saying that its perpetrators are inhuman and unrelated to any religion, while the Syrian National Youth Party said that such an act can only by committed by those who have lost their humanity.

Likewise, the National Democratic Bloc opposition movement denounced the massacre, saying that this heinous crime will hinder reaching a political solution. 

In a similar statement, the Popular Front for Change and Liberation denounced the massacre, saying that this crime which adds up to the black record of Jabhat al-Nusra will only make Syrians more determined to achieve a political solution.

For their part, the Syrian students and community in Cuba condemned in the strongest terms the massacre in Khan al-Assal.

In a statement, members of the Syrian community and students called for immediate retaliation, demanding the international community to exert pressure on the countries which are supporting terrorism in Syria.

Similarly, Syrian students and community members in India strongly denounced the massacre in a joint telegram with members of the Syrian diplomatic corps, in which they held some neighboring countries and their gangs responsible for what is happening in Syria.

The telegram demanded to strike firmly against terrorist groups and bring the perpetrators of the massacre to justice and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Foreign Ministry: What happened in Khan al-Assal exposed neighboring countries’ role  in supporting terrorist groups

Jul 27, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- The Foreign an Expatriates Ministry on Saturday stressed that what happened in Khan al-Assal in the past few days has exposed the role of some neighboring countries which are involved in providing military, material and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups.

The Ministry’s stress came in letters it addressed to the UN Secretary General, Chairman of the UN Security Council , the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Chairman of the UN Human Rights Council.

”After hundreds of armed terrorist groups’ members gained full control of Khan al-Assal area to tighten the blockade on Aleppo city in order to prevent food and medical supplies from arriving there, a terrorist gang called ‘Ansar al-Khilafa Brigade’ committed mass killings in an atrocious massacre that bears the hallmarks of al-Qaeda against scores of soldiers and civilians in Khan al-Assal before mutilating their bodies and hurling them in a big hole on the outskirts of the town, also incinerating the bodies of several other martyrs.”

What happened in Khan al-Assal over the past few days has exposed the role of some neighboring countries which are involved in providing military, material and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups, the ministry said, adding that the involvement went as far as issuing orders to attack specific sites and commit crimes there with the aim to destabilize Syria.

The ministry said that some Security Council permanent members continue to pursue a double- standard policy in combating terrorism through preventing the Council from denouncing many terrorist crimes perpetrated by al-Qaeda-linked takfiri organizations in Syria, the latest of which was a terrorist bombing in Jaramana city on July 25, 2013.

Those countries serve as complicit in terrorism through their direct involvement in providing the armed groups with weapons and political cover in a grave violation of their responsibilities as permanent members in preserving international peace and security, the letters said, which raises many questions as to their seriousness in combating terrorism and commitment to the UNSC counter-terrorism resolutions.

”The stances of these countries and their allies in the region contradict the international consensus on combating terrorism and incite more terrorist crimes against the Syrians, and hinder international endeavors to find a political solution to the crisis through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue that respects their choices, helps put an end to terrorism and combat the extremist takfiri groups,” the letters affirmed.

The crime, which comes on the heels of a string of massacres in Jisr al-Shughour in Idleb and Hatla village in Deir Ezzor pushes Syria to demand that the international community, especially the UNSC and the Human Rights Council to take serious and responsible steps to face terrorism in Syria that is practiced by takfiri gangs connected to al-Qaeda organization, said the letters, urging them to unveil the circumstances of the heinous crime and the motives behind it away from hypocrisy and double standards.

M. Ismael/H. Said

Information Minister: Terrorists who committed Khan al-Assal massacre and their supporters will pay dearly

Jul 28, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that the terrorists who committed Khan al-Assal massacre and the countries which support, fund and arm them will be held accountable, and that they will pay dearly for this crime.

In an interview broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday, al-Zoubi said that holding the perpetrators of the massacre accountable is only a matter of time, and that what happened in Khan al-Assal constitutes a great sacrifice by Syrian civilians and soldiers for the sake of the homeland.

He pointed out that the goal of the massacre is to terrorize the Syrian people and alter the situation on the ground, particularly since the Syrian Army is making headway in its operations.

Al-Zoubi said that the Syrians are waging a war on terrorism, and that it’s natural for wars to entails sacrifices, noting that the Syrians and the Syrian Army are fully aware of the nature of the aggression targeting them and that sacrifices are being made to protect the state.

He asserted that the attempts by those who support terrorists to alter the situation on the ground will not be in their favor, as all changes will be in the favor of the Syrian Army and people, adding “if they are rallying and arming themselves and talking about special weapons, we’re not sitting idly; we’re preparing and we’ll keep preparing.”

The Information Minister pointed out that it’s become well-known that the terrorists are directed, trained, armed and funded by the US, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey who are legally responsible for the crimes of their terrorist pawns.

Al-Zoubi went on to note that Syria reported the supporters of terrorism in Syria to the UN, providing details, data and documents, but all that was ignored.

He said that the takfiri Wahabi mentality of the terrorist groups in Syria is unilateral, and in that it shares much with Zionist mentality, which is why Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel are united in hating the Syrian people as it is the natural enemy of unilateral thinking due to its history, culture, civilization and diversity.

Al-Zoubi called upon the political opposition abroad to distance itself from terrorism and condemn the massacres against Syrians, and to engage in dialogue and a political solution immediately if they are really nationalistic as they claim, adding “otherwise they are part of the terrorist acts taking place.”

The Information Minister asserted that terrorists are using civilians as human shields, which prevents the Syrian Army from ending confrontations with terrorists swiftly in some areas or using heavy weaponry out of fear for civilian lives.

He noted that civilians should shoulder their responsibility in combating terrorism by repelling them, preventing them from entering their areas, and not succumb to fear.

Al-Zoubi said that those who are implementing the takfiri Wahabi extremist project in Syria serve Israel, because Israel is the primary beneficiary from weakening the Syrian Army and all Arab armies, asserting that the Saudi regime is involved in supporting terrorists who fight Arab armies, and that there are Saudi Emirs from the royal families who direct the arming and funding of terrorists from Amman and Turkey.

He said that Saudi Arabia has been carrying out this destructive role for decades as it seeks to destroy the pan-Arab project and cause fragmentation and instability, noting that Saudi Arabia had done so against Jamal Abdelnasser in Egypt in the past.

The Information Minister also affirmed that the Justice and Development government in Turkey is part of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood project in the region, which is why it is conspiring against Syria, and that the Muslim Broth seek to assume control, not build states, and that the same plans used against Syria are being prepared for Egypt.

H. Sabbagh

Russia condemns terrorist brutal massacre in Khan al-Asal 

Jul 29, 2013

Moscow, (SANA)-Moscow on Monday strongly condemned the brutal massacre perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra and “Liwaa Ansar al-Khilafa” in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo.

“The gunmen of the two terrorist groups have perpetrated a brutal crime two days ago in Khan al-Asal which they captured on July 22nd, 2013,” a statement by the Russian foreign Ministry said.

“The fighters of the two extremist groups have committed genocide against the captives of the Syrian officers and soldiers as well as against the pro-government civilians,” the statement added.

It offered deep condolences to the whole Syrian people due to the dilemma in Khan al-Asal, condemning with the strongest terms the acts of terrorists and their sponsor.

The Russian foreign Ministry called on international powers and the Syrian sides to do their best to realize an immediate political settlement to the crisis in Syria as well as putting an end to the bloody crimes committed by the international terrorism.

On a different note, Russia has welcomed the outcomes of the UN delegation’s visit to Syria , according to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement issued Monday, sayign they pave the way for conducting a probe into the incident of chemical weapons use in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo.

“Moscow welcomes the constructive nature of the contacts underway in Damascus and reaching agreements despite the delay, ” the statement said.

It added that these agreements open the door before accurate and objective investigation into the incident of chemical weapons use in Khan al-Assal area in Aleppo countryside announced by the Syrian government.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the UN expert team will take into consideration the results of the investigations which the Russians have conducted regarding Khan al-Assal incident and had been sent to the UN Secretary General on July 9.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry and the UN issued a joint press statement on the UN delegation’s visit to Damascus.

The statement said “Upon the invitation of the Syrian government, the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs visited Damascus on July 24- 25 accompanied by the Head of the Investigation Committee affiliated to the UN.

The delegation met the Foreign Minister and his Deputy to discuss the mission’s task.”

The statement added that the discussions were “comprehensive and fruitful and led to an agreement on the means of moving forward.”

Syria’s ambassador in Moscow: al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups in Syria committed massacre in Khan al-Assal to erase traces of chemical weapons use

Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Riad Haddad, stressed that the armed terrorist groups which are linked to al-Qaeda have committed a massacre in Khan al-Assal town near Aleppo to erase the traces of the chemical weapons use in this area.

In a statement to Ria Novosti news agency, the ambassador said, “the main goal of this carnage which was committed by Jabhat al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khliafa brigade is killing all witnesses on the use of the chemical weapons  use by the armed terrorist groups.”

On March 19th, terrorists launched a rocket containing chemical materials in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside, causing the martyrdom of 25 civilians and the injury of over 100 others.

H. Said/ F.Allafi /Mazen

Syrians abroad condemn heinous massacre in Khan al-Assal

Jul 29, 2013

Capitals, (SANA)- The Syrian students and expatriates abroad condemned the atrocious massacre committed by the armed terrorist groups in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside, claiming the lives of dozens of civilians and military personnel.

Members of the Syrian community in Paris lit candles Sunday night in honor of the heroes of the Syrian army and the souls of Syria’s martyrs, particularly those of Khan al-Assal massacre which the armed terrorist groups committed in Aleppo countryside.

A number of French supporters participated with the Syrian expatriates and the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in the event which took place in Saint-Michel Square in the middle of Paris.

The participants rejected the Western policies, particularly France’s policy, that are hostile towards Syria, stressing the importance of respecting the principle on not interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and stopping support for the armed terrorist groups in it.

They affirmed determination to confront the conspiracy that is targeting Syria’s resistant role and its leading position in the region.

In  seperate statements, the branches of the National Union of Syrian Students abroad stressed that the bloody brutal fascist terrorism will not persuade them from supporting their homeland.

They expressed sorrow over the despicable crime committed by the terrorist fascist gangs against the Syrian people and against humanity.

The called on all the countries, governments, organizations and parties to condemn this terrorist brutal crimes and to denounce the terrorism which is exported to Syria by the Saudi Arabia, other gulf countries and Turkey.

In Germany, the Union called for candles lighting ceremony in solidarity with the Syrian people and in condemnation of the shameful silence of the international community towards terrorism.

In the same context, the Syrian students in Algeria strongly condemned the heinous massacre which claimed the lives of more than 123 martyrs.

The Students’ Union, Algeria Branch said that “the hand of betrayal and terrorism claimed the lives of the civilians and military personnel in Khan al-Assal as they were defending their homeland.”

The Syrian students in Bulgaria also issued a statement in the framework of the National Union of Syrian Students in which they reiterated their commitment to the national and pan-Arab principles of their homeland regardless of terrorism and conspiracies.

They condemned Khan al-Assal massacre and all the terrorist crimes committed by the obscurantist forces, stressing that these terrorist acts will not weaken the Syrians’ determination to achieve victory.

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