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“Syrian Opposition” Will Boycott Peace Talks due to Russia’s Air Strikes on ISIS

YPG Official Accuses SNC of Supporting ISIS

US Plans to Deploy Pentagon-Trained “Syrian Rebels”, Provide Air Cover

Over 1,000 ISIS “Sleeper cells” hide in Lebanese mountains on Syrian border

Over 1,000 ISIS fighters hide in Lebanese mountains on Syrian border - security chief
Islamic State militants are attempting to infiltrate Lebanon from Syria, Beirut’s security chief has warned. Forces have been put on high alert to prevent the civil war in Syria spilling across the border.

Incursions are taking place in Qalamoun Mountains, which marks Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria, where Islamic State (also known as ISIS, or ISIL) militants are trying to take over Lebanese villages to gain better fighting positions, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, head of Lebanon’s Directorate of General Security (DGS), told Reuters.

“Islamic State does not want to dominate Qalamoun… but they want to use it to secure their backs in the region through controlling [Lebanese] villages in contact with the Qalamoun area,” Ibrahim said, adding that the number of militants in the Qalamoun region is increasing.

“In the recent period about 700 new fighters pledged allegiance, and so they are now more than 1,000 fighters,” the general said.

“The [Lebanese] military and security forces are on full alert,” Ibrahim told Reuters. In June 2014, an assassination attempt was made on Ibrahim using a suicide bomber.

Since February 2011, when the fighting in Syria began, incidents on the Lebanon-Syria border have increased. In 2014 militants organized several high-scale attacks on Lebanese territory, such as the assault on the border city of Arsal, when Lebanese soldiers were held captive, and clashes of IS-associated militants with Lebanese law enforcement agencies in Tripoli, the country’s second-largest city, located 30 kilometers south of the Syrian border.

Ibrahim said that Lebanese security agencies have carried out a number of successful, previously unreported, operations against Islamist networks in the country.

The Qalamun Mountains (Image from

The Qalamun Mountains (Image from

Some Lebanese citizens living close to the Syrian border have expressed a willingness to fight against ISIS.

In October, RT reported that Lebanese Christians were arming themselves to defend their land and families from the extremists.

ISIS has carried out some of the worst atrocities of the 21st century, yet relatively little is known about the bloodthirsty militant group, who conquered large parts of Syria and Iraq in the space of just six months. RT traveled to one of ISIS’s key holdouts in Lebanon to find out the group’s goals and why the militant organization has become such a magnet for Sunni radicals both in the Middle East and from around the globe.

UNDOF report reveals scale of cooperation between Israeli enemy and terrorist organizations in Syria


New York, SANA

Observers from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) confirmed the growing coordination and standing cooperation between the Israeli enemy’s forces and terrorist organizations, documenting more facts confirming this.

A report made by the observers revealed details of ongoing communication between leaders of terrorist organizations in Syria and Israeli army officers and officials, saying that 59 meetings between the terrorist leaders – who are labeled as “opposition” by Syria’s enemies – and Israeli officers took place from March 2013 to May, and that during this same period 89 injured terrorists were transported to Israeli hospitals, and 19 of these terrorists were returned to Syria along with two bodies.

The report said that the relations between the two sides began in March 2013 when the Israeli occupation authorities began treating injured terrorists in their hospitals, in addition to building a field hospital for them in the occupied Golan, with the report adding that observers witnessed several meetings between terrorist leaders and Israeli army forces between December 2013 and March 2014, in addition to witnessing the transportation of injured terrorists to Israeli hospitals following confrontations between the terrorists and the Syrian Arab Army.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari had directed several letters regarding this issue to the UN, and most recently addressed the UN General Assembly on November 25th and spoke of Israel’s support for terrorists which led to the UNDOF evacuating their posts temporarily due to successive terrorist attacks against them, with the Israeli support causing the terrorists to become more active and bold, leading to them opening fire on Syrian law enforcement forces and abducting UNDOF personnel.

The UNDOF report also noted that the Syrian Arab Army warned the UNDOF’s commander of the presence of armed terrorists in a camp built by Israeli authorities in the Golan under the false claim of it being a camp for civilians.

The report confirmed that the Israeli forces delivered to boxes with unknown contents to terrorists and allowed two of them to enter occupied Palestine, though the report didn’t mention their identity or the reason for their entry.

Hazem Sabbagh

Syria Death Squads Receiving Training in Joint US-Qatar Operation

By Brandon Turbeville

According to a new report by Reuters, Western-backed death squad fighters operating in Syria are receiving a portion of their training inside Qatar via the Qatari government and the United States.

The unnamed sources of the information reported to Reuters that the training was taking place near Doha, Qatar in between the border of Saudi Arabia and the American al-Udeid Air Base, the largest U.S. Air Base in the Middle East. Al-Udeid is located inside a military zone protected by Qatari special forces.

According to Reuters, “Syrian rebel sources” have reported to the news agency that many of the fighters trained in Qatar belong to the Free Syrian Army, an umbrella group of death squad fanatics passed off as “moderate” by Western governments.

The training, as described by the sources, has been running for close to a year.

Reuters states that the program involves the identification of small groups of jihadists fighting in Syria by the CIA, the relocation of these jihadists to Qatar via Turkey, and the subsequent training in “ambush techniques” by the U.S. and Qatar before the fighters are shipped back in to Syria via Turkey.

Although Reuters admits the training of the death squads in the art of ambush, the news agency attempts to claim that the fighters are in no way trained in IEDs or otherwise more advanced techniques.

While mainstream outlets like Reuters portray the “rebels” being trained at al-Udeid and surrounding locations as “moderate” or, at least, not members of the Islamic State, Reuters is also forced to admit that Qatar is by no means opposed to supporting IS militants in its battle against Assad. Indeed, Reuters states that “A source who works with rebel groups said Qatar had delivered weapons, mostly mortar bombs, to the Islamic Front and some FSA brigades about two months ago and had paid some salaries for Islamic Front groups.”

Such training of death squad battalions in Qatar is by no means the first recorded instance of Western operated jihadist training operations nor is it the largest. It must be remembered that, over a year ago, European press outlets reported that jihadists numbering in the tens of thousands were being trained in Jordan for the purposes of being deployed against Assad in Syria. These militants were the “highly-skilled” and organized fighters of the Islamic State that appeared in Iraq and Syria shortly thereafter.

Of course, the reality is that there is no discernible difference between the Islamic State, Free Syrian Army, or any other “militant/rebel” group operating against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Indeed, IS is nothing more than Al-Qaeda which is entirely controlled and coordinated by Western powers since the very beginning. IS followed from ISIS which followed from IEIL, IEI, and Al-Qaeda in Iraq/Nusra Front. The Free Syrian Army is nothing more than a public relations creation designed to operate as the public face of jihadist fighters who are every bit as brutal, fanatical, savage, and backed and controlled by Western powers as the IS.

Without a doubt, there is no such thing as a “moderate” rebel in Syria and the individuals who graduate from the Qatari/American training program will prove as much.

Washington-backed “rebels” surrender US arms to Al Qaeda in Syria

By Bill Van Auken
4 November 2014

Washington’s strategy in its three-month-old war in Iraq and Syria appeared to suffer another humiliating blow over the weekend as one of the last remaining strongholds of US-backed “moderate rebels” in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib fell to the Nusra Front, the Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda.

The collapse of the US-backed force in Syria came amid reported plans for a major retraining of the Iraqi army in preparation for a US-orchestrated offensive against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Iraq sometime next year.

Both developments underscore the unreliability of the proxy forces the Obama administration has indicated are to serve as the “boots on the ground” in the two countries and point to the inevitable expansion of the number and role of US troops deployed to prosecute the new Middle East war.

Washington Post correspondent Liz Sly, who has been one of the most enthusiastic media propagandists for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the so-called “moderate rebels,” questioned whether the FSA would “manage to survive the trouncing inflicted in recent days” by the Nusra Front. She described the events in Idlib as “throwing the rebels into disarray and upending the Obama administration’s hopes for a moderate alternative to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

The “trouncing” was accomplished without a shot being fired. Two US-backed groups, the Syrian Revolutionary Front and Harakat Hazm (Steadfastness Movement), surrendered without opposing the Al Qaeda-linked militia. It was reported that a large number of their members went over to the Nusra Front, while others fled.

The clashes between the various “rebel” groups have been developing and growing in intensity for over a year, pitting the Nusra Front and ISIS (which Al Qaeda disavowed earlier this year) against other US-backed groups as well as against each other. While these conflicts have been attributed in some instances to Islamist ideological differences, they have often arisen over control of oil and gas fields, border crossings and other sources of wealth.

One of the reasons for the latest clashes appears to be the US air strikes against Nusra Front positions in Syria, carried out under the pretext of disrupting a previously unheard of “Khorasan group,” which was supposedly plotting attacks against the West. The reaction of the Nusra Front, which had previously fought together with the Western-backed militias against ISIS, has been an offensive against US-backed groups, which it sees as a threat. The US attacks also have led to a mending of fences between the Nusra Front and ISIS, which have recently fought together in joint operations.

In the latest developments, significant stocks of arms supplied by the US, including heavy weapons such as TOW anti-tank missiles and Grad rockets, have been turned over by the so-called moderates to the Nusra Front, which is classified by Washington as a foreign terrorist organization.

“For the United States, the weapons they supplied falling into the hands of Al Qaeda is a realization of a nightmare,” the British daily Telegraph commented.

Following the overrunning of the northern Idlib province villages previously held by the Syrian Revolutionary Front and Harakat Hazm, Nusra Front fighters have reportedly begun massing near a strategic Syrian town on the Turkish border, Bab al-Hawa, which has served as a key pipeline for arms and supplies funneled by Washington and its allies to the “rebels.” It is also a major smuggling route, providing whoever controls it with a reliable source of revenue.

Despite support from the US, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf State monarchies, the so-called “moderate rebels” never developed into a serious force, with the Western-backed war for regime-change in Syria remaining dominated by extreme Islamist groups such as ISIS and the Nusra Front. Nonetheless, Washington had hoped to draw on these “moderate” militias to carry out its stated plan to train 5,000 fighters a year as a new force to be turned against both ISIS and the Assad government. That plan now lies in ruins.

An article by independent journalist Theo Padnos in the Sunday magazine section of the New York Times on his abduction and two-year imprisonment by the Nusra Front in Syria is instructive in terms of the reliability and allegiance of supposedly “vetted” forces.

In the article, entitled “My Captivity,” Padnos recounts how not once, but twice, he managed to escape from his Nusra Front captors and seek aid from the so-called moderates of the Free Syrian Army, only to be quickly handed back to the Al Qaeda-affiliated group.

He also writes that FSA soldiers, who were fighting alongside the Nusra Front group that was holding him about 20 miles east of Damascus, told him that they had recently returned from training at a US base in Jordan, ostensibly for the purpose of combating groups such as the Nusra Front and ISIS.

Asked by Padnos about fighting the Nusra Front, one of the FSA fighters replied, “Oh that, we lied to the Americans about that.”

In Iraq, meanwhile, the New York Times reported Monday that US and Iraqi officials have agreed to prepare a “major spring offensive” against ISIS, which the newspaper notes “is likely to face an array of logistical and political challenges.”

At the center of these plans is the US training of three new Iraqi divisions, some 20,000 troops, to replace units that disintegrated in the face of the ISIS offensive last summer, with commanders deserting and troops throwing down their weapons, tearing off their uniforms and fleeing for their lives. The Pentagon had spent $25 billion over the course of eight years to train those forces.

To prepare for the planned offensive, the Pentagon, according to the Times, has set up a new task force under Lt. Gen. James Terry, the top Army commander for CENTCOM, which oversees all US forces in the Middle East. The newspaper reports that as these preparations are implemented “the American footprint is likely to expand from Baghdad and Ebril to additional outposts,” including in the predominantly Sunni Anbar province, which has been largely overrun by ISIS.

Citing senior US officials, the Times reported that “Army planners have drafted options that could deploy up to an additional brigade of troops, or about 3,500 personnel, to expand the advisory effort and speed the push to rebuild the Iraqi military.”

No matter how many US “advisers” Washington deploys to the country, however, the contradictions underlying the US intervention—not least the bitter sectarian divisions provoked by a decade of US war and occupation—are overwhelming. The Iraqi army that Washington claims will do the fighting in predominantly Sunni areas such as Anbar is some 90 percent Shia and is seen by the population in these areas as an occupying force. Moreover, in recent fighting, the army has leaned heavily on Shia militias that have openly engaged in ethnic cleansing operations against Sunni populations.

Until now, Washington has tried to paper over these contradictions while waging a sporadic campaign of air strikes that has had little effect on ISIS’ control over a broad swath of Iraq and Syria. The real war is still to come and will be launched in earnest once today’s midterm elections are over. Given the sorry state of Washington’s chosen proxy forces in both Iraq and Syria and the real aims that it is pursuing—US imperialist hegemony over the entire Middle East—sooner rather than later this new war will involve large numbers of US ground troops in another killing spree.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement, Primitive Nationalism & Fratricidal Sell-out Politics

Erdogan claims FSA will cooperate with PYD for defense of Kobani

PYD rejects claim

Syrian Arab Red Crescent members providing medical assistance to a child injured in the school bombing in Homs on Oct. 1

Speaking in a press conference in Estonia, the president of Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan, claimed that 1,300 Free Syrian Army fighters would join the Kurdish forces in defense of the northern Syrian town of Kobani in their fight against the Islamic State (also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Levant). He said, “The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) accepted the passage of 1,300 people from the FSA, and on this topic, right now, our relevant teams are negotiating what the route of their passage should be.”

Reflective of his limitless hypocrisy, this latest statement by Erdoğan is at total odds with an earlier statement he gave only a couple of days ago objecting to the arming of PYD on the grounds that PYD in his mind is equal to PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party), which has waged a 30-year insurgency in Turkey and is designated a terror group by the U.S. government and NATO.

Erdoğan’s claims on the collaboration of PYD and FSA for the defense of Kobani were swiftly rejected by the co-chair of PYD, Saleh Moslem. Moslem also responded to Erdoğan’s earlier remarks on PYD being a terrorist organization: “Erdoğan is looking for an excuse to justify his stance against the Kurdish achievements, against the Kurdish people’s identity.” Moslem added: “We have never engaged in terror. We are the ones fighting ISIL. He [Erdoğan] should clarify his position. How much does he really support us? If he really wants to fight against ISIL, he should be standing by us.”

In fact, the FSA is a largely defunct organization, with little or no central command. Its leadership’s failure to secure large-scale imperialist intervention last year led to its disintegration into various militias that once operated under the FSA umbrella. However, the U.S. government and its allies use the term “FSA” as a sort of shorthand to refer to the elements of the armed opposition that are the most reliably willing to follow the dictates of imperialism.

In an Oct. 13 interview with Turkish daily Hürriyet, Moslem answered a question about whether PYD would fight the Syrian government as the ruling AKP of Turkey has been pressuring them to do: “Do you want us to fight against them in Damascus and be a soldier there instead of you? We will not do that. We have stopped being soldiers for others, which Kurds have done throughout history.”

Commenting on Kobani, Moslem rejected AKP’s proposals for the establishment of a buffer zone in northern Syria, adding that the Kurds would see that as an occupation. Moslem rejected the presence of Turkish ground forces and alluded to the role AKP has played in the rise of ISIL, saying: “A ground offensive would make things worse, not better. Who would they conduct the ground war against? Is it against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant? ISIL is in İstanbul.”

The Turkish government, a member of NATO, claims to be against the ISIL. In fact, it has facilitated ISIL’s siege of Kobani by sealing the northern border to the town, preventing residents and the YPG from receiving supplies, arms and military volunteers. It is clear that Erdoğan and his ruling AKP were hoping that ISIL would wipe out the Kurdish semi-autonomous zones, and then use this as a pretext for full-scale intervention against Syria.

All of Syria is a battleground against imperialism

While the whole world is focused on Kobani, as YPG, the armed wing of PYD is engaged in a fierce and heroic fight for survival against ISIL, we should also not lose sight of the fact that many such fierce battles against reactionary, sectarian armed opposition groups have been taking place all over Syria for the last three years. Whether it is against ISIL or “moderate” groups in FSA, all directly or indirectly armed and funded by U.S. imperialism and its regional clients, the people of all Syria continue to resist imperialist plans and its henchmen on the ground in Syria.

Hama, the fourth-largest city in Syria after Aleppo, Damascus and Homs, located in west-central Syria has been under attack by ISIL as well as Jabhat Al-Nusrah and other groups. In the last month, Jabhat Al-Nusrah, an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, along with its “moderate” allies, have intensified their attacks against Alawite villages around Hama. At the same time, ISIL forces have been attacking east of Hama in an effort to capture the town center. Many villages around Hama have fallen to ISIL, and many Alawites fleeing ISIL violence have been moved to safer regions of Hama by the Syrian government. The Alawites are a sect of Shi’a Islam, as distinct from the majority of the Syrian population, who are Sunni Muslims.

Alawite villages around the city of Latakia continuously suffer from indiscriminate rocket attacks and shelling by Islamic Front and Jabhat Al-Nusrah, whose stronghold is the town of Salmah near the Turkish border. The Syrian government forces have recently recaptured six villages in the Latakia countryside from the Islamic Front and Jabhat Al-Nusra: Ayn Al-Joozi, Raweesa Al-Zeitouneh, Al-Ja’awara, Al-Balata Kabeer, Tal Doreen and Kataf Al-Ghanama. Earlier in 2014, Kassab, Latakia was also the site of the massacre of civilian Armenians at the hands of ISIL fighters along with members of Jabhat al-Nusrah and Ahrar ash-Sham.

HomsTwin bombs kill 48, wounds 115, most of them children

On Oct. 1 in Homs province, in the Akrameh neighborhood, home to a majority of Alawites, a car bomb was detonated in front of a school and minutes later a suicide bomber blew himself up near another school. In order to inflict maximum casualties, both cowardly attacks took place at a time when children were leaving school. Some 48 people, 41 of them children, were killed and 115 others were injured. Speaking after the attack, Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said: “These terrorist acts, taking their hatred out on our schoolchildren, are meant to discourage Syria’s children from pursuing knowledge. The armed opposition groups have been taken aghast by the Syrian army’s military successes, which accounts for their resort to these cowardly acts.”

Back in April 2014, Jabhat Al-Nusrah was behind a similar twin bombing in Homs, which killed 100.

Aleppo—Missile attack on al-Kamal School kills four civilians, two of them children

On Oct. 27,  rocket shells fired by the opposition fighters in in al-Hamadania neighborhood of Aleppo killed four civilians including two school children while wounding 17 others, mostly children, as one of the rocket shells hit al-Kamal school.

In fact, since the crisis started, thousands of Syrians have been killed by car and suicide bombings and mortar attacks. The Western media is either shamefully silent not even reporting these terror attacks or helps justify these horrific crimes by reporting that they were in “pro-Assad” areas, implying that Syrian people who support their government deserve to be killed by terror attacks.

U.S. imperialism hopes that ISIL’s violence against the Kurdish population in northern Syria will force the secular PYD forces to collaborate with the imperialist-backed, sectarian and reactionary forces of FSA. It is important to note that as a result of the three year-long destructive and sectarian civil war that has been stoked by imperialism itself, Syria’s pluralistic, secular society is now facing total disintegration. News of ethnic cleansing by the opposition groups, car-bombings, suicide bombings targeting civilians are eerily reminiscent of the fate of Iraq and Libya after they had been “liberated” by U.S. imperialism and NATO.

Throughout the Syrian crisis, thousands of Christians, Alawites and other minorities have been targeted and massacred simply because of their ethnic or religious identity. They have suffered immensely not only at the hands of the ISIL mercenaries but also by many other reactionary, jihadist forces that have relationships with the FSA, now promoted as the “moderate” rebels. All this sectarian, reactionary violence to which the people of Syria have been subjected  is only a preview of even the greater terror that would be unleashed against Syrian society if the secular and unitary Syrian government were overthrown.

US imperialism hands off Syria!

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Syrian Kurds Reject FSA Involvement in Kobani Battle

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Kurdish fighters in the Syrian border city of Kobani voiced opposition to the dispatch of forces from the armed opposition group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to the embattled Kurdish city to help its resistance forces in the war against the ISIL terrorist group.

The Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) forces underlined that they will not allow the FSA to enter Kobani, several media of the Arab world, including the Egyptian Al-Youm7 the Lebanese Alahed, and the Syrian opposition website Syrians News quoted Arabic-language Sky News channel as saying.

“We welcome the entrance of Kurdish Pishmarga forces, but the FSA forces commanded by Abdul Jabbar al-Agedi can fight the ISIL in other places like Jerablus and Manbij (not in Kobani),” YPG Commander Siban Hamou was quoted as saying by the above-mentioned Arabic-language media as saying.

Deputy Head of the YPG in the Syrian town of Kobani Owj Alan Issou told FNA a few days ago that the YPG forces were still continuing their resistance, adding that the terrorists had withdrawn from most parts of the town.

“Yet, they are still in control of 20% of the city and the YPG forces are planning to attack the terrorists in those regions.”

Asked about the role of the coalition forces in fighting the ISIL, Issou said most of the coalition airstrikes are staged around the city, “but they don’t attack the terrorists outside the city where the terrorists are trafficking and transferring their forces towards the city and therefore, the terrorists are trying to break the people’s resistance with a rather intact level of power”.

He warned that the terrorists will massacre the people of Kobani in case they manage to capture the city, and urged those states which help the ISIL, specially Turkey, to cut their arms aid to the terrorist group.

“The documents carried by those terrorists who have been killed show that they are mostly foreigners and come from Chechnia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Belgium and France to Syria and their passports have all been sealed in Turkey,” Issou said.

Amal Saad: What Obama means by “moderate rebels”

By Amal Saad

I’ve always held a particular fascination for the stomach-churning US foreign policy concept of “moderation”. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of equivocal and ironic expressions like when my son was 5 and professed to hate someone “a little”, or when one is praised for being “rather brilliant” or when a man tells a woman he is “a little bit” in love with her.

But when it comes to the US’ foreign policy-mainstream media-think tank complex’s promotion of “moderate” rebels in Syria, I have far less tolerance for such equivocations. In the not too distant past, the Bush administration used the term “arc of moderation” to label the US’ Sunni Arab allies in the region which was pitted against the “arc of extremism”, aka, the “Resistance axis”.

Then as now, moderation basically meant being moderate on Israel and imperialism, rather than any secular liberal ideals related to democracy, women’s rights, the treatment of minorities and openness to other religions. And even when US policy wonks called for engagement with “moderate Islamists” like the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, this had far less to do with their participation in democratic elections and inherent liberalism than their “nonviolence” vis-à-vis the West and of course, Israel, which explains why a progressive movement like Hizbullah has consistently been labeled “terrorist” and “extremist”.

In the Syrian context, when Obama talks about arming “moderate rebels” to confront ISIS, he isn’t referring to non-takfiri groups whose sectarianism is less doctrinal than it is socio-political, or which have been making local cease-fire deals with the Syrian government in a number of regions and are hence capable of engaging in dialogue with Syrian government to end the war. We can be certain that this isn’t the case when the only significant fighting forces worth backing are Jihadi groups, when Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is enlisted in the war on Wahhabi ISIS, and when the media has unabashedly been trying to promote Jabhit al-Nusra /al-Qaeda as more moderate than ISIS (only yesterday for example corporate media was awash with reports about how JaN pleaded with ISIS to spare Alan Henning’s life).

When the US refers to “moderate rebels” it doesn’t even allude to oxymorons like moderately genocidal groups who execute in moderate numbers, are only moderately ideologically sectarian, and pursue a transnational Caliphate in moderation, but rather, groups which the US hopes are more co-optable and cooperative with its grander strategic aims than ISIS has proven to be.

The bottom line is this: unless you’re a cute 5 year old who hasn’t quite mastered the love-hate dichotomy, or a teacher who likes to make her intellectual praise more credible by subtly qualifying it, or a goofy but charming guy who disarms women with understatements, you’re neither adorable nor endearing when you make gross understatements, least of all about takfiri-jihadis who pose an existential threat to everyone in the region.

Why isn’t the Islamic State (ISIS) fighting Israel?
Amal Saad on ISIS and Obama’s Address to the Nation

الجعفري: إسرائيل هي المستفيد الأول من إخلاء الجولان المحتل من قوات حفظ السلام كي تغيب عنها الرقابة الدولية

أخبار,أخبار سياسية,سياسة -عربي دولي-,



أكد مندوب سورية الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة الدكتور بشار الجعفري أن الاستخبارات القطرية والسعودية والتركية مسؤولة بشكل مباشر عن تمويل التنظيمات الإرهابية المسلحة في سورية وتنسق مع تنظيم “جبهة النصرة” الإرهابي لخطف الجنود العاملين في قوة الأمم المتحدة لمراقبة فصل القوات في الجولان “إندوف”.

وبين الجعفري في مؤتمر صحفي عقده أمس أن إسرائيل هي المستفيد الأول من إخلاء منطقة الجولان المحتل من قوات حفظ السلام كي تغيب عنها الرقابة الدولية مشيرا إلى أن سورية قدمت إلى الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة وثائق رسمية وحقائق تثب تورط حكومات قطر والسعودية وتركيا والأردن بدعم “جبهة النصرة” والتنظيمات الإرهابية الأخرى بما فيها رقم الضابط القطري الذي كان ينسق لخطف الجنود الفيجيين العاملين في قوة حفظ السلام لافتا إلى أن الأمانة العامة لم تحرك ساكناً حيال هذا الأمر.

وقال الجعفري.. “لقد حذرنا سابقاً من أن نوايا إسرائيل وقطر وتركيا والسعودية كانت تهدف تحديداً إلى تشجيع التنظيمات الإرهابية المسلحة على الدخول إلى منطقة فصل القوات من أجل خلق منطقة عازلة مشابهة لتلك التي أنشأتها إسرائيل مع عملائها في جنوب لبنان والتي حررتها المقاومة عام 2000″.

وأضاف الجعفري.. “إن هذا الأمر كان ماثلاً في ذهننا منذ سنتين حيث أرسلنا عشرات الرسائل إلى الأمين العام وأعضاء مجلس الأمن ووكيل الأمين العام لعمليات حفظ السلام ونبهنا في هذه الرسائل إلى هذه المسألة وخطورة ما يجري في منطقة الفصل ولكن لم يكن هناك أي رد فعل”.

وتابع مندوب سورية الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة.. “وفي بيان لي أمام الجمعية العامة باسم حكومتي أبلغتهم رسميا برقم هاتف ضابط الاستخبارات القطري الذي كان يعطي التعليمات لخطف الجنود الفلبينيين أول مرة وليس المرة الثانية وأخبرناهم بما حدث إلا أن أحدا في عمليات حفظ السلام لم يتحرك ولا الأمين العام لأن هذه المنظمة الدولية كما يبدو قد نخرها الفساد المالي الخليجي السعودي والقطري إلى درجة أن قطر تترأس ما يسمى بمحفل تحالف الحضارات وتركيا تستلم مركز منسق الأمم المتحدة لمكافحة الإرهاب بينما تمول السعودية مركز الأمم المتحدة لمكافحة الإرهاب ب100 مليون دولار فما هذه المنظمة الدولية التي يسيطر عليها هذا الفساد الخطير”.

وقال الجعفري.. “إن هناك تطورات خطيرة حدثت مؤخرا ونحن نعرف أن هناك معسكرا لتدريب الإرهابيين في الأردن حيث يتم من خلاله إرسال الإرهابيين إلى جنوب سورية تماماً كما يحدث في تركيا حيث يدخل الارهابيون إلى شمال سورية من المنطقة الشمالية التي توجد فيها معسكرات لتدريب الإرهابيين أيضا”.

وأضاف الجعفري.. “إن هذه المسألة باتت الآن مفضوحة إعلامياً وأضحى حديث الناس والإعلام والسياسيين سواء الغربيين أو غيرهم إلى درجة أن من رعى الإرهاب الآن يهرع ويتراكض إلى عقد المؤتمرات لمكافحة هذا الإرهاب الذي خلقوه هم أنفسهم فنحن نتحدث عن وقائع ولدينا براهين وأدلة قاطعة”.

وأكد الجعفري أن من يدعون مكافحة الإرهاب لا يريدون أن ينسقوا مع الحكومة السورية ولا مع الحكومة الإيرانية ولا الروسية ولا الصينية لأنهم لا يريدون مكافحة الإرهاب بشكل حقيقي بل يريدون استخدامه للتدخل أكثر فأكثر في شؤون المنطقة الداخلية.

ونبه الجعفري إلى أهمية تصريحات رئيس وزراء ليبيا قبل يومين من أن قطر أرسلت طائرات سلاح الجو إلى المجموعات الإرهابية في ليبيا وقال.. “إن السفير الليبي نفسه الذي كان في بداية الأحداث في ليبيا يدافع عن الذي كان يحكم ليبيا آنذاك اشتكى بالأمس في جلسة مجلس الأمن من هذه المجموعات الإرهابية واشتكى أيضا من وجود دولتين لم يسميهما لكننا نعرف أنهما تركيا وقطر اللتان ترسلان السلاح إلى الإرهابيين في ليبيا فالمسألة صارت مفضوحة ومن يسكت عنها هو ضالع وشريك في الإرهاب”.

وأضاف الجعفري.. “إن مكافحة الإرهاب يجب أن تتم وفق قرار مجلس الأمن 2170 ونحن في سورية نحارب داعش والإرهاب منذ سنتين نيابة عن العالم كله ولم ننتظر تشكيل ائتلاف دولي ولن ننتظر دعوتنا أو التنسيق معنا وهناك اتصالات سياسية على مستوى العواصم المعنية وهناك أفعال وردود أفعال ونحن لسنا وحدنا فالكثير من الدول تشاطرنا الرأي الآن بأن مسألة مكافحة الإرهاب يجب أن تكون داخل الأمم المتحدة وفقاً للقرار 2170″.

وقال الجعفري.. “كيف نعتمد قراراً لمكافحة داعش وجبهة النصرة ومن ثم نقول إننا نريد أن نحارب داعش فقط دون جبهة النصرة ولكن في العراق فقط وإذا ضربنا سورية فإياكم أن تردوا .. كيف تريد أن تحارب داعش في سورية دون التنسيق مع الحكومة السورية ومن ثم تهدد الحكومة السورية بأنها إذا دافعت عن سيادتها فإنها ستتعرض لعدوان من هذه الدولة أو تلك”.

Russia Calls on UN to “double their efforts to gather and make public information about crimes committed by terrorists”in Syria

The Russian diplomat called on the United Nations human rights mechanisms to “double their efforts to gather and make public information about crimes committed by terrorists”
MOSCOW, September 16. /ITAR-TASS/. Expansion of terrorism in Syria could have been prevented if the West had heeded Russia’s warning and now the worst scenarios were materializing, Russia’s Permanent Representative at the Geneva-based U.N. office and other international organizations Alexei Borodavkin said on Tuesday.“It is now obvious as never before that the real threat to Syria and the entire region is the activity of terrorist groups,” Borodavkin said at the 27th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. “I would like to remind you that from the very beginning of the Syrian developments Russia has been proposing to pool efforts of the international community, the Syrian authorities and the moderate opposition to fence off jihadists.”“If our opinion had been listened to, this malignant tumor might have been prevented from spreading,” he said. “Now, regrettably, we must admit that our worst scenarios have materialized: the Islamic State has seized a third of the country’s territory, have proclaimed the Syrian city of Raqqa as a capital of their “caliphate” and is committing heinous crimes. This is supplemented by violent raging of other terrorist groups.”

Borodavkin noted that the commission of inquiry on Syria had admitted in its reports that the Syrian government was fighting against an army of well-trained and well-armed terrorists. “It appears from the report that the Free Syrian Army was non-existent any longer and that armed groups qualified as moderate are closely coordinating their activities with terrorist groups,” the Russian ambassador noted. “These radicals, as follows from the commission’s report, commit capital punishments, tortures, sexual violence, they use children as soldiers and blow up cars stuffed with explosives.”

Moscow “resolutely condemns such atrocity,” Borodavkin stressed. Russia, in his words, hailed the commission’s recommendation to resume political process in Syria and was “ready to make its contribution.” “But we have to upset the commission: its calls have been heard not by all,” he noted. “A new draft resolution of the UN Human Rights Council on Syria contains not a single word in support of efforts towards a settlement of the conflict through talks.”

But “the rapidly changing situation in the region calls for consolidation of international community to fight terrorism,” he said. “We welcome France’s very timely initiative to hold an international conference on peace and security in Iraq and are ready to work on the implementation if its results.”

The Russian diplomat called on the United Nations human rights mechanisms to “double their efforts to gather and make public information about crimes committed by terrorists.” He called on the commission to prepare a separate report on violations of human rights and the international humanitarian law by the Islamic State and other terrorists in Syria, including Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic Front.

URGENT: UNDOF Abandoned Positions in Syrian Golan and are Stationed on the Israeli Side

Bashar Ja’afari (Syria) on the situation in Syria – Security Council Stakeout (16 September 2014)
Informal comments to the media by H.E. Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations on the situation in Syria.

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