Lions’ Den Strikes Israeli Checkpoint in Besieged Nablus

The Cradle

Such hit-and-run tactics are a common strategy used by the Lions’ Den against Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank

The Palestinian Lions’ Den resistance group attacked an Israeli military checkpoint in Nablus on 1 February, as Israel’s National Security Minister Ben Gvir announced new measures against Palestinian prisoners.

The Lions’ Den announced the attack on its official Telegram group, saying that they “unleashed volleys of bullets on Sirra checkpoint to the west of Nablus” and that they could “withdraw safely” without losing any men.

Such hit-and-run tactics are a common strategy used by the Lions’ Den against Israeli forces to break their grip on a besieged area in the occupied West Bank.

The attack happened while Israel’s National Security Minister announced the closure of prisoner bakeries in the Ramon and Ketziot jails, a move viewed as collective punishment against Palestinian prisoners.

Ben Gvir’s office released a statement, saying, “The minister’s policy is to deny benefits and indulgences to terrorists imprisoned in Israel, to deny them benefits that can be denied by law and certainly to deny them rights that for some reason only terrorists and not criminal prisoners have.”

Prisons for Palestinians in Israel have been the scene of protest and acts of resistance in recent months, with reoccurring hunger strikes violently suppressed due to the public’s fear of another intifada.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) released a report on 31 January detailing the developments occurring across Israeli prisons in the aftermath of Israel’s massacre in Jenin and the subsequent Palestinian retaliation in Jerusalem.

According to the PPS, authorities in the Israeli Damon prison carried out a ‘massive crackdown’ on female prisoners, resulting in physical assaults against them and the unwarranted confiscation of their belongings.

In an allegedly leaked voice recording from Damon prison, an unidentified female Palestinian prisoner released an audio, saying, “Free people of Palestine, heroes of our resistance. From the prison of Damon, where your mothers and sisters are held hostage, where your daughters are abused, we raise our voices in the face of anyone who fears your liberation.”

The last few days have witnessed a dangerous and unprecedented escalation of tensions, and the Palestinian resistance has announced its readiness for the outbreak of all-out war.