Israeli Troops Commit Massacre in Jenin. Palestinian Resistance Increases Readiness.

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The raids focused on Jenin but targeted many other areas across the occupied West Bank

Israeli occupation forces killed nine Palestinians and injured at least twenty on 26 January during violent raids in the occupied city of Jenin and its refugee camp.

The raids began on the evening of 25 January and persisted into 26 January, in what is being described as “one of the deadliest days” in the West Bank since the start of last year.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC), several have been detained throughout the raids and transferred for interrogation by Israel’s security service. As a result of the incursions, intense clashes broke out between Israeli troops and resistance fighters, several of whom sustained bullet wounds.

An elderly woman has also been reported among the dead, according to security officials. Eyewitnesses have referred to the situation as a “massacre.”

The Israeli army cut off the power supply to the Jenin camp, while also blocking journalists and ambulance teams from entering. Health officials have said that injuries are continuing to accumulate.

“There is an invasion that is unprecedented in the past period, in terms of how large it is and the number of injuries … The ambulance driver tried to get to one of the martyrs who was on the floor, but the Israeli forces shot directly at the ambulance and prevented them from approaching him,” Wissam Baker, head of Jenin’s public hospital, told media.

Despite centering around Jenin and its camp, the Israeli raids also targeted several homes and refugee camps across the West Bank, including Ramallah’s Al-Amari camp and Jerusalem’s Shuafat camp, as well as the towns of Silwan, Sur Baher, Al-Tur, and Al-Isawiya.

In response to the Israeli aggression, the Palestinian resistance managed to down a drone as it was flying over the Jenin refugee camp.

According to reports, an Israeli soldier was killed and another injured in the confrontations. Another report says that the Jenin Brigade of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) resistance movement detonated an explosive device inside an Israeli military jeep, resulting in “casualties in their ranks.”

“The military operation in Jenin was launched after intelligence from the Shin Bet about the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement’s intention to carry out a major operation against Israeli targets … the operation aimed to arrest a prominent member of the movement,” Israeli media reported.

The military ended up withdrawing from Jenin, however, the injury toll is expected to rise.

After the Jenin aggression Palestinian Resistance increases readiness

Al Mayadeen

The popular Palestinian Resistance factions condemn the recent aggression against the Jenin camp, and stress that the resistance is ready and prepared for further confrontations.

Following the Israeli aggression against the Jenin camp in the northern West Bank, the Palestinian resistance factions denounced the Israeli raid and stressed that “the Israeli enemy will pay the price for its crimes.”

Early on Thursday morning, the IOF raided the Jenin camp in Occupied Palestine’s West Bank, leaving residents and popular resistance groups with no choice but to defend themselves and confront the occupation forces.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health indicated that so far, five Palestinians have been martyred and 13 injured, including three in serious condition.

In this regard, Hamas spokesperson Abdel Latif al-Qanou said, “The ongoing confrontations in Jenin, the Resistance’s engagement in the face of the [Israeli] special forces in Jenin, as well as yesterday’s confrontations in Silwan and al-Tor, bear witness to the rise of a popular Palestinian revolution which will not be hindered until it deters the occupation, put an end to its crimes, and sweeps it off of the land of Palestine.”

He added that “all attempts by the Israeli occupation to kill the morale of our people and break their will by practicing a policy of murder, demolition and arrest will not succeed and will not achieve security for its army and settlers.”

He further pointed out that “the behavior of the extremist occupation government and the escalation of its crimes and its encroachment on our people, Al-Quds, and our prisoners will inevitably lead us to the Saif al-Quds 2 to defend our land, our families, and our sanctities.”

According to the spokesperson, “What is happening in Jenin is part of resolving the battle with the occupation,” and “the resistance factions are playing a pioneering role in confronting the occupation.”

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PFLP: Occupation government must be held accountable

For its part, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stressed the need for holding the occupation accountable for its crimes against Palestinians and ensuring that these crimes do not go unpunished.

It called on all Resistance factions and their military wings to confront the occupation, strike its sites and barracks, and take the decision of pursuing confrontation, both political and armed, in the face of the occupation in order to defeat it, throughout Palestine, and put an end to the occupation’s continuous aggressions.

PIJ: Whatever comes next the Resistance is ready

As for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, it affirmed that “the steadfastness and valor of the resistance in the Jenin camp is a clear indication that Palestinians value their right, hold on to it, and are defending it, regardless of the sacrifices.”

The movement pointed out that “the resistance is everywhere, ready for the next confrontation in the event that the fascist government and its criminal army continue to attack our people, our land, and our sanctities.”

The PIJ spokesperson also stressed that the Resistance will spare no effort to support Jenin, and noted that the entire Palestinian people today must stand and resist as one entity in the battle of steadfastness, which Jenin and its valiant battalion and its courageous resistance are spearheading.

Al-Ahrar: Only one option – Resistance

As for the Al-Ahrar Movement, its spokesperson said that the heroic confrontations between the Resistance and the [Israeli] special force that entered Jenin, confirm the vigilance of the Palestinian people and its Resistance, which will not stop confronting the occupation, thwarting its plans, and protecting its cadres and symbols.

The spokesperson added that the continuous crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people reflect the extent of terrorism and systematic criminality of the occupation.

Moreover, the movement stressed that resistance is the only option capable of curbing its [Israeli] aggression and stopping its [Israeli] crimes.

Committees: The enemy has it coming

In the same vein, the Palestinian Resistance Committees emphasized that the blood of the martyrs will not be in vain, and will remain entrusted to the resistance of our people in their heroic revolt on the path toward the liberation of Al-Quds, the Al-Aqsa mosque and the defeat of the usurping occupiers.

“The Jenin camp will remain a nightmare that haunts the Zionist enemy and an icon of the rising revolution in the face of the Zionist enemy and its fascist extremist government.”

The committees stressed that the occupation will pay for its crimes and added that the blood of the Palestinian people is not cheap.

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