President Assad Launches the First Phase of Operating Photovoltaic Power Project in Adra City

29 September، 2022
Damascus, SANA

President Bashar al-Assad launched Thursday the first phase of running photovoltaic power project in Adra Industrial city during his visit to the station.

The project aims to generate 100 megawatts of electricity through solar panels when completed, extending over an area of more than 165 hectares.

10 megawatts have been installed so far through more than 18 thousand photovoltaic panel, and the energy generated from this project has been connected to the electricity grid to cumulatively support the electrical output in Syria.

This project kicked off as a private investment in cooperation with the public sector after President al-Assad had visited the city in June 2021.

President al-Assad gave a speech to the two TV channels of Syria and Alikhbaria :” If we wanted to talk about war and blockade conditions, then any new economic development project, whether it is small, medium or large, any facility also, regardless of its size, has been able to withstand these harsh conditions during some 12 years, is a challenge in itself.”

The President went on to say “The biggest challenges we learn from this project is defying the will first and changing the thinking pattern regarding the investment.”

President al-Assad  added “The private sector can go to alternative power stations, whether wind or solar, and the partnership with the public sector is necessary in terms of investment and public benefit”.

“Syria does not seek to profit from this sector, but rather  support it and push it forward”, President al-Assad asserted.

The President stated “The capital is not a must in partnership, and the State can be a partner though purchasing this energy and selling it to the consumer at subsidized price ”, adding that patriotic capital is for sure a brave one, and when the capital is coward thus it is mostly foreign or unpatriotic.

President al-Assad said “Now the State is focusing on renovating what is existing. When I say “existing”, this means that there are too many facilities destroyed by terrorism, but their infrastructure still exists, thus restoring them will be less expensive and the speed of their effect is much greater.

The President added that the State is also focusing on the conventional energy but it is at the same time a partner at the alternative power through owning distribution and transmission lines as well as facilitating the process from A to Z by supporting both investor and consumer.