Statement of H.E. Bassam Sabbagh at the General Debate of the “Tenth NPT Review Conference” 8-3-2022

Ambassador Sabbagh: Israeli occupation poses threat to international peace, rejects joining the non-proliferation treaty

3 August، 2022
New York, SANA

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, called for subjugating the Israeli occupation’s nuclear facilities, that pose threat to the regional and international security and peace, to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s comprehensive safeguards system.

Sabbagh, in a statement at the 10th Overview Conference of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty /2020/ before the General Assembly, affirmed that Syria is committed to the treaty and calls for disarming the nuclear weapon completely and comprehensively.

“The Israeli continued rejection to joint the treaty depends on an utmost support by the US and its western allies,” Sabbgh said.

He added that when Syria was a member in the Security Council, it presented an a draft resolution in 2003 to make the Middle East a zone free from nuclear weapons and others of weapons of mass destruction, but the US hindered that initiative.

“Syria also joined the Chemical Weapons Convention in 2013 in a step to establish that zone,” Sabbagh added.

Sabbagh said Syria hopes the Review Conference of /2020/ would make a genuine progress towards the achievement of the treaty’s goals.

Mazen Eyon