Clan Dignitaries Show Support to Consolidate National Reconciliation

19 May، 2022
Homs, SANA

Homs governorate held on Thursday the “Homeland Tent” with the participation of sheikhs and dignitaries of the clans from all the Syrian provinces in support for the efforts of the State and to invest the amnesty decrees in consolidating national reconciliations and activating participation in reconstruction process.

Participants in the event, which was held at the Governorate Palace, stressed the importance of boosting national reconciliations in the interest of Syrian people to build what has been destroyed by the hostile war on Syria.

They issued a statement affirming that the Syrian Arab Republic is united and a territorial integrated country led by President Bashar al-Assad, calling on those who left Syria because of terrorism to return and help rebuild the country and make use of the amnesty decrees.

The statement rejected the illegitimate presence of the occupying foreign forces on the Syrian territory, and rejected all forms of sanctions and the unjust blockade imposed by the colonial powers on the Syrian resilient people.

The clans denounced acts of piracy carried out by those occupying forces who loot the Syrian natural resources.

They reiterated opposition to the practices of the Zionist enemy against the Arab people in the occupied Golan and Palestine.

Homs Governor, Bassam Barsik, said that “the meeting comes within the framework of consolidating amity and boosting unity and enhancing the position of Syria it deserves.”

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon