Human Rights Council Condemns Israeli Violations of Human Rights in Occupied Golan

1 April، 2022
Geneva, SANA

UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution that renews its condemnation of the violations of the Israeli occupation entity of the rights of the people in the occupied Syrian Golan, calling on the occupation entity to comply with the relevant United Nations resolutions and stop its repressive practices against them.

The Council also adopted another resolution in which it reiterated that the Israeli settlements established in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, in addition to the occupied Syrian Golan are illegitimate.

The Council called for the end of the Israeli occupation of the occupied territories since 1967 and an immediate stop of the establishment and expansion of settlements.
Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Office and International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Houssam al-Din Ala,in a statement during the 49th session of the Human Rights Council on Friday, said that the Israeli occupation entity continues its violations of international law and human rights in Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan, as Washington provides full protection to it.

Ala held the Human Rights Council responsible for documenting and condemning these violations and holding the occupying power responsible for them.