Bashar al-Jaafari: “Syria has Achieved a Great Victory”

Al Mayadeen

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister sees that Syria has achieved a great victory against terrorism, despite the fact that the war is not over yet.

The past decade for Syria has been one of terrorism and fire, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Bashar al-Jaafari told Al Mayadeen on Wednesday.

“One cannot talk about the end of the war on Syria until the end of the occupation of all Syrian territories,” al-Jaafari asserted.

As part of Al Mayadeen‘s 2021 Roundup coverageAl Mayadeen interviewed Wednesday Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Bashar al-Jaafari. During said interview, al-Jaafari said all of Syria’s enemies become hysterical whenever Syria nears certain victory, seeing that his country “achieved a great victory, but the war is not yet over.”

Discussing Syria’s foreign policies, he said “The west is settling scores with Damascus because it thwarted its regional project.”

Al-Jaafari, who sees that despite Syria being long acquainted with the United States and its policies, asserts that Damascus did not close its doors in the face of any objective US moves toward it. The diplomat also called on the US to act realistically with Syria and the region.

The Deputy Foreign Minister underscored that Damascus is being realistic in its foreign policies, and it acknowledges Washington’s size in international politics. Syria “knows who the occupier is, who the ally is, who the friend is, and who the resistance fighters are,” he underlined.

“The US occupation is still playing the ISIS card until this day,” asserting that there was no clear message from Washington regarding its withdrawal from Syria.

“The US administrations use terrorism and terrorists in Syria and Iraq,” the deputy foreign minister declared, adding that “the decision of Syria’s leadership and its people is that no occupier be present on Syrian soil.”

Relations with Russia and Iran

The Deputy Foreign Minister touched on the Security Council’s resolutions, saying they assert Syria’s sovereignty, “and they are a proof against the occupiers.”

International developments are pushing Damascus to form alliances with Russia, Iran, and the resistance, he highlighted.

“Russian-Syrian relations are historic, and they go far back,” the diplomat reminded. He also revealed that Damascus coordinates with Moscow on a daily basis to discuss various issues, including the Israeli aggressions.

The Syrian diplomat also commented on Iranian-Syrian relations, saying the two countries are connected on the Islamic level, describing the relation between Damascus and Tehran as an alliance.

“We are constantly discussing with our allies issues that matter to us and issues that concern Moscow, Tehran, and the resistance,” al-Jaafari explained, seeing that Syria succeded in establishing the first Arab alliance with Iran.

“The Israelis are well aware Damascus is a dilemma,” he declared, noting that his country was fighting on multiple fronts and prioritizes the combat of terrorism and multiple occupations.

The Arab openness to Damascus

Al-Jaafari also discussed the recent Arab openness toward Syria, which he said was reflected by the Emirati Foreign Minister’s visit to the country.

Regarding Saudi Arabia, al-Jaafari underscored that Riyadh was implementing a non-Arab agenda, explaining that its policies rely on the West’s agenda. “Syria is above responding to the statements of any Saudi employee,” the diplomat argued.

“14 Arab embassies are operating in Damascus, and those who oppose Syria are a minority. We are working bilaterally and normally with the staff of 14 embassies in Damascus.”

Regarding Syria’s return to the Arab League, which has been recently a matter of discussion, al-Jaafari asserted that Syria never left the Arab League, for it is a founding member.

Damascus does not accept any conditions for Syria’s participation in the body’s meetings, al-Jaafari added, accusing Qatar of impeding said participation.

Hamas’ relations with Syria

Damascus has overcome the pain it suffered from Hamas, and it calls everyone to Syria, al-Jaafari told Al Mayadeen, but matters are still not ready enough for Hamas to return to Damascus.

“The Palestinian cause has many allies in the world, including Iran,” al-Jaafari said on Syria’s stance of the Palestinian cause.