Khaleda Jarrar: My Path to Freedom Will Persist Until Palestine is Liberated

Al Mayadeen

The liberated captive Khaleda Jarrar told Al Mayadeen that “Israel” is afraid of the Palestinian people as a whole.

Khaleda Jarrar, a leading figure of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and liberated prisoner divulged that the Israeli occupation “fears the whole Palestinian people because colonialism fears its colonizers.”

In an interview for Al Mayadeen, Jarrar expressed that the Gilboa prison escape was a surprising event, but that where there is a will there is a way, and that nothing can stand in the path to freedom.

Jarrar detailed that the persistence of the Gilboa prisoners to attain freedom demonstrated to the world that humanity yearns for freedom, noting the many females and male prisoners who have spent numerous years in captivity.

The liberated prisoner spoke of the prison administration’s targeting of education. She disclosed that any educational or informative book is confiscated, emphasizing the failed attempts made by “Israel” to isolate the Palestinians into [separated] populated blocks.

On the topic of normalization with “Israel”, Jarrar stressed that all the work that was done for normalization, and all the assassinations did not stand a chance ahead of the Palestinian’s choice of freedom and liberation.

Touching on her recent experience inside occupation prisons, she expressed that it is difficult to part with inmates she lived with for so long.

Jarrar lost her daughter while in captivity, detailing the hardships that came with the sensitive time she added that the occupation deprived her of saying goodbye to her daughter in one of the most difficult moments of her life.

“I will persist in my path towards the freedom of my people and all the people of the world until Palestine is liberated from the occupation, and the world liberated by the dominant US occupation.”

On Sunday, the Israeli authorities released Khalida Jarrar, from the occupation prisons. Last July, the occupation denied Jarrar the chance to attend her daughter Suha’s funeral, who died of a severe heart attack.

Upon her arrival in Ramallah, Jarrar visited her daughter’s grave to send her prayers.

Khaleda Jarrar had been imprisoned numerous times, and she was subjected to different forms of persecution based on her political involvement and political position.