Hezbollah Congratulates Palestinian People, Factions on Success of Gilboa Prison Operation

Hezbollah felicitated on Monday the Palestinian people and factions of resistance on the success of the regaining freedom operation carried out by the six prisoners who managed to break out of the most fortified Israeli prison in the north of occupied Palestine.

In a statement Hezbollah considered what was done by the honorable mujahidin as a quality achievement that strongly slaps the Israeli occupation forces as well as their strict security measures and represents a grave failure for the Zionist security agencies.

It is a further evidence of the vitality, intelligence, patience and continuous struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate their land and prisoners, according to the statement.

Hezbollah also indicated that this great occasion is a new chance to highlight the cause of the prisoners at the Zionist jails and expose the abusive practices they suffer from as well as the serious violations of their rights.

Hezbollah hopes Holy God protects the newly-freed prisoners, enable the Palestinian resistance to liberate the rest of the prisoners, and keeps their cause remains present in all forums.

Six Palestinian prisoners managed early Monday to escape from the Israeli Gilboa prison, located in Beissan Valley, through a tunnel, they had dug, and moved into an unknown destination.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations (Translated by Al-Manar English Website)