Ershadi: All Illegitimate Foreign Troops Deployed in Syria Must Leave Without Preconditions

25 August، 2021
Tehran, SANA

Zahra Ershadi, the charge d’affaires ad interim of Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations has affirmed that the presence of the illegitimate foreign troops on the Syrian territories, and the continuation of Israeli acts of aggression represent a flagrant violation of the international laws, and a threat to the international and regional peace and security.

During a session of the International Security Council on the situation in Syria, Ershadi said “in order to find a helpful ground to end the crisis in Syria, the foreign troops deployed in Syria without an invitation by its legitimate government must leave it without any preconditions and without any delay and the terrorist groups must be combated.”

“The Security Council must oblige the Israeli Entity to end its violations and acts of aggression against the Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Ershadi added.

Ershadi said “The Security Council asked all its member states to take practical steps to meet the urgent Syrian people’s needs, which include ending the illegal unilateral siege imposed on Syria which is considered as one of the main reasons of the aggravating humanitarian situation in it. “

She reiterated Iran’s stance which is based on accelerating the political solution to the crisis in Syria, under the international laws, especially respecting the countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, in addition to the non-interference in the internal and foreign affairs of these countries.

She stressed her country’s commitment to helping the Syrian people and government for overcoming the challenges facing them.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri