Iraqi Security Arrests Head of ISIS in Baghdad, a Blow to the Pentagon

Syria News
Iraqi National Security Service arrest the (Head) Emir of ISIS in BaghdadIraqi National Security Services in a qualitative operation arrested the ‘governor’ of ISIS in Baghdad, the top commander of the US-sponsored terrorist group in the Iraqi capital.

The security service said in a statement that it ‘managed to arrest the terrorist in a qualitative operation, the operation was based on preemptive information after monitoring and chasing the terrorist in three Iraqi provinces,’ the statement did not mention the name of the arrested terrorist.

This terrorist was active in both Syria and Iraq, took refuge in Turkey before returning again to Baghdad a couple of months ago. In his confessions aired by the Media Directorate of the security service, the terrorist mentioned that he was recruited by ISIS while in prison for joining another terrorist group called Ansar Al-Sunna Association back in 2008, after his release from prison in 2011, the terrorist joined ISIS in its southern province of Iraq.

The Media Directorate of the Iraqi National Security Service released this video of the arrest operation and part of the terrorist’s confession:

In 2015 he was already an ’emir’ of a battalion in Bir Qasab in Damascus countryside, then the head of the ISIS security in the Al Qaryatayn area in Homs southeastern countryside. The terrorist then went on to become the ’emir’ of ISIS in the Levant Badia – the open desert between Syria and Iraq then he was the ’emir’ of Raqqa, ISIS main quarters until the end of 2017 when he fled to Turkey and remained there for 3.5 years.

Three months ago, in Ramadan (12 April – 12 May 2021), the terrorist returned to Baghdad and assumed the post of the ‘Governor of Baghdad’ within the ranks of ISIS, he was assigned to recruit new members, set up safe houses for the terrorists, attack security patrols and steal their weapons, and carrying out terrorist attacks against large gatherings in the Iraqi capital to add pressure on the Iraqi government and for ISIS media propaganda.

All of these terrorist acts work oddly enough in the favor of the US Pentagon hawks who refuse to withdraw their forces from Iraq despite their commander in chiefs’ related pledges and despite an Iraqi Parliament vote to expel them. The Pentagon claims it maintains troops in Iraq and in Syria to fight ISIS, however, this terrorist organization was created and grew in size and power only where the US forces are deployed, it has not attacked these forces, on the contrary, both the US forces and ISIS attacked the Syrian and Iraqi armies, security, and the innocent people in these two countries, both of which are the cradle of civilization in the world.

The arrest of this terrorist with the wealth of information he can provide the Iraqi security with will deliver a severe blow to the efforts of the Pentagon and their CIA to foment further terrorism in both Iraq and Syria and will help expose the roles of the Turkish regime or Erdogan and other actors in the ‘Greater Middle East Project’, the US plan to create the ‘Great Israel’ with the help of Turkey and the Gulfies.