Iraq’s Al-Fatah Coalition: Rising ISIL Attacks Linked to International Spy Agencies

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of Iraq’s al-Fatah Coalition said that the recent increase in attacks by the ISIL terrorists against the country are linked to attempts by the international spy agencies which intend to prolong the presence of foreign forces.

“The increase in attacks by the ISIL terrorist organization and the moves of its terrorists are linked to international intelligence attempts, and they are aimed at putting pressure on the Iraqi government,” Qazanfar al-Batikh told the Arabic-language Baghdad Al-Youm website.

He added that they want to induce that the terrorist organization is still present in Iraq, and that the eradication of ISIL requires deployment of foreign forces in the country.

“Therefore, we believe that the increase in ISIL attacks, which happen almost on a daily basis now, is aimed at prolonging the presence of foreign forces in Iraq,” al-Batikh said.

At least four soldiers were killed in a bomb attack on Saturday that targeted a military vehicle in the Iraqi capital, according to the defense ministry.

The ministry said a bomb detonated during an operation carried out by security forces against terror elements in the Al-Tarmiyah district.

No group has yet claimed responsibility, but authorities suspect the ISIL terrorist group was behind the attack.

Since the start of 2021, suspected ISIL terrorists have stepped up attacks, particularly in the area between Kirkuk, Saladin and Diyala, known as the “Triangle of Death.”