US Transfers 50 Terrorists to Deir Ezzor Eastern Countryside

8 April، 2021
Hasaka, SANA

US occupation troops transferred fifty terrorists of Daesh terrorist organization, from its base in al-Shadadi city to Deir Ezzor eastern countryside.

Local sources told SANA that US occupation forces transferred 50 terrorists of Daesh terrorist organization by helicopters from their base in al-Shadadi, in Hasaka southern countryside to al-Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside, for preparing them to carry out terrorist operations inside the Syrian territories.

The sources noted that transferring those terrorists came after training them by US occupation forces in al-Shadadi base to integrate them in the so-called ‘’Tribal Army’’ supervised by occupation forces and led by the terrorist Ahmad al-Khabil, nicknamed ‘’Abu Khaolah’’

Over the last months, US occupation troops transferred dozens of ‘’Daesh’’ terrorists from the prisons in Hasaka city hold sway by QSD militia to different areas in Syria, after arming them and providing logistical support to carry out terrorist operations against the residential areas, the Syrian Arab Army sites and the public facilities.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Hala Zain