Syria Calls on Security Council to Take Swift Measures, Prevent Israeli Attacks on its Territory

8 April، 2021
Damascus, SANA

Syria called on UN Security Council to take decisive and immediate measures to prevent repetition of Israeli attacks on the Syrian territory, stressing the need to hold the occupation authorities accountable for their terrorism and crimes committed against the Syrian and Palestinian peoples and their continuous support for terrorist organizations.

“Israeli occupation authorities, on Thursday dawn, committed a new aggression on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic by launching missiles from over Lebanese territory, which targeted the vicinity of Damascus, in flagrant violation of United Nations Charter, principles of international law and Security Council relevant resolutions which all affirm respect for sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, ,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement.

The statement added that the Syrian Arab Republic stresses that “Israel” continuation of its dangerous and irresponsible acts would have never done without the continued and limitless support by the US administration and other states known at Security council.

The Ministry said that the Syrian Arab Republic still relies on the international legitimacy and UN Security council, and call upon it to assume its responsibilities in the framework of the UN charter, and take decisive and immediate measures to prevent the repetition of those Israeli attacks, in addition to holding “Israel” responsible for its crimes and terrorism against the Syrian and Palestinian peoples and oblige it to respect the Disengagement forces treaty.

Shaza/Nisreen/Mazen Eyon