Syrian Tribes Stand By the Syrian Army and Call for the Resistance Against US, Turkish Occupation

6 July، 2020
Hasaka, SANA

Syrian tribes’ dignitaries and “the gathering of One Syria” in Qamishli affirmed their support for the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism and the US, Turkish occupation, calling on all tribes and citizens in Syrian Al-Jazeera to resist the US, Turkish occupation of their territories.

In a statement during a meeting on Monday, the tribes stressed their standing by the leadership and the army firmly and rejecting all forms of US blockade and terrorist racism against the Syrian citizens.They said that the US blockade will not affect their adherence to their national principles represented by the Syrian sovereignty over all territory under their national flag.

The dignitaries called on Syrian Al-jazeera tribes to resist the occupation and liberate the holy Syrian territories from the US, Turkish occupation.

The statement also warned the QSD groups not to engage in the US project or implement its goals aiming at applying the blockade against the Syrian citizens and preventing them from realizing the political solution and fulfilling the reconstruction process.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon