US Illegal Occupation Establish New Military Airport in al-Yarubiya Area, Hasaka Countryside

1 July، 2020
Hasaka, SANA

US occupation forces established a new illegitimate base , including a military airport in al-Yarubiya area in Hasaka countryside to strengthen its illegitimate presence in the Syrian al-Jazira area with the aim of looting oil and Syrian underground wealth and main crops.

Civil sources in Hasaka countryside told SANA reporter that US occupation forces established a new military airport to strengthen its illegitimate military presence in the Syrian al-Jazira in the area between Um kahif village and Tal Alu silos , 8 km south of al-Ya’rubiyah countryside.

The sources added that the US forces and QSD groups bring in equipment and logistic materials, and set up cement blocks and military bases, in addition to asphalting a road leading to the silos to serve the new illegitimate base, indicating that QSD groups are tightly guarding the surroundings of the silos.