Dozens of Syrian Refugees Arrive in Syria from Lebanon of Syrian refugees have returned from Lebanon to their home villages and towns, which have been liberated from foreign-backed Takfiri terrorist groups by the Syrian army, state media say.

The refugees returned to their homeland through the crossings of Jdaidit Yabws and al-Zamrani in Damascus countryside and the crossings of al-Dabbousyia and Jussyia in Homs countryside on Tuesday, Syria’s official SANA news agency said in a report.

It added that dozens of Syrian buses and trucks arrived in Syria through the designated crossings from the Lebanese territories with hundreds of Syrian refugees and their belongings on board.

On April 8, nearly 1,000 Syrian refugees returned to their homeland from Lebanon.

SANA cited dozens of the returnees as saying that the return of basic services to their regions had encouraged them to return.

Since June last year, thousands of Syrians have returned home from Lebanon as calm returns to large parts of Syria.

SANA/Al Manar