Syria and Neocolonialism: “We Must Avoid at All Costs Dividing Syria into Small States. We Would then Create a New Israel”

Dr Jean Bassmaji, Interviewed by Paolo Pergolizzi Italian online newspaper Reggio SERA conducted a very interesting interview with Syrian doctor Jean Bassmaji, who lives in Italy but was born in Al Hassaka, a city in northeastern Syria affected by the Turkish attack.

The Syrian doctor denies many clichés of a story without historical reality about Syria, aimed at justifying the aggressions perpetrated against Damascus during these harsh years of war.

Here is the interview from Reggio Sera:

Dr. Bassmaji, why do you find it so difficult to believe what is being reported in the Italian media today?

I find that there is a lot of superficiality and great historical errors.

Where is “Syrian Kurdistan”? Rojava was an experimental project peacefully agreed with the Syrian government that studied the law on regional autonomy in Syria and then was commissioned by parliamentarians, as they do in Italy.

Journalists change the names of Syrian cities and stimulate support for Kurdish militias, as they would for a football team, without thinking that 90% of the population of this Syrian region is composed of many other ethnic groups who live peacefully with the Kurds. The enthusiasm shown by the poorly informed Western population shows that the Palestinian tragedy, which the left holds dear, has taught us nothing. Even in that time and in good faith, it supported the birth of Israel without thinking about the injustice committed against the Palestinian people.

In essence, you are saying that a minority militates for the creation of an autonomous state, but the rest of the population does not agree?

The majority, including a large proportion of Syrian Kurds, do not agree. The Kurds are divided into at least seven factions that have been fighting for years. The Kurdish Marxist communist component, composed mainly of Turkish citizens led by Abdullah Ocalan, who was protected by the Syrian government for several years after his expulsion from Italy, is one of the many factions and not the most important one. But strangely enough, the anti-Marxist West supported him in his struggle for autonomy in Syria and not in Turkey, where there are 20 million Kurds.

I believe that all this stems from a historical rationale that began with the birth of Israel, as an armed wing of the United States, to control the resources of the Middle East and now has the intention of creating a Kurdistan State to move closer to Iran, the new economic and military power in the region.

I would have liked to see the West demonstrate with equal force, even against Israel, which has occupied the territories of others, practising a policy of aggression against the Palestinian people, imprisoning even children and continually invading Syrian and Lebanese skies and bombarding the territories of others in the complete silence of the world. What justice principles are our left and the various democracies of today’s world based upon?

So in this region that we call “Syrian Kurdistan”, there are not only Kurds?

No, the Kurds would account for about ten percent.

By this means, they seek to break up a sovereign nation. From northeastern Syria, 400,000 Kurds fled because the militias, for the most part not composed of Syrians, mistreated them because they refused to join their ranks.

How do you judge the Turkish intervention?

Very badly. It is illegal to invade a sovereign country. Erdogan’s project is based on two elements: creating an obstacle to the passage of Kurds between Syria and Turkey. He is convinced that there is arms trafficking aimed at destabilizing Turkey and also at achieving the project of an Islamic state. One and a half million fundamentalist jihadists are currently living in camps on the Turkish border in northeastern Syria and are attempting to disrupt the social fabric of this region and to impose their own laws. This is a rich region inhabited for thousands of years by Christians, Assyrians, Arameans, the true natives of these lands, if history is to be trusted, and Bedouins, Yezidis and many other minorities.

The invasion of Syria is being conducted by sending Islamic jihadists protected by Turkey, who have caused the deaths of 300 people, including massacres, 100,000 internally displaced Syrians and the destruction of the water supply plant, leaving two million people without water. A major crime was committed by the militias who had taken advantage of the weakness of the Syrian State and who were loyal to the American army as they stabbed Syria and then tested Turkey.

What are the Americans going to do about it now?

In addition to the United States, there are also the Israelis and a small presence of French and Germans who supported the jihadist militias during the war and now support the Kurdish militias in their efforts to be part of the Syrian banquet rich in oil and natural gas. The interest in the region of “Syrian Kurdistan” is also due to the fact that there is oil there. The Syrian coast has been found to hold 80% of the world’s oil and natural gas. Currently, in northeastern Syria, there are 66 active oil wells that generate millions of dollars every day and are in the hands of the Americans and the Kurdish militia. Due to the total embargo imposed by the West, which is strangling the Syrian people, already devastated by 8 years of war, Syria is forced to buy its oil from Turkish traffickers at great expense.

And Europe? What should it do?

It is my conviction that Europe did not respond promptly against Erdogan, as it did on 25 July 1990, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Europe is consuming its time talking to give Erdogan enough opportunity to perform his dirty work, in order to eliminate the refugee problem at its roots. The same was true for the Armenian and Syrian genocide of 1915. Strangely, the Western world is trying to unite and eliminate the distances between peoples, while we, the left-wing peoples, who are at the moment confused, are supporting the division of peoples.

Alba Malta North Africa Coordination

Translation by Internationalist 360°