Russian Experts Visit Liberated Areas of Idlib Province, Where Tiger Force Units Have Been Deployed group of Russian experts visited the recently liberated southern districts of Idlib province, where the “”Tiger Force””” tank division, one of the most combat-ready formations in the Syrian army, was deployed.

In just two days, the government forces forced the enemy to flee, despite their considerable numerical advantage. The key moment of the operation was the return of control over the town of Khan Sheikhoun and the exit to the Damascus-Aleppo highway. According to experts, this was a brilliant military operation, which, contrary to the opinion of skeptics, proves that the Syrian army is combat-ready.
Moreover, despite assurances from Western countries that Idlib has a moderate opposition, it is from here that attempts were made to bombard the Hmeimimim base. According to experts, the Tiger Force has not only liberated the southern regions of Idlib, but also secured its strategic partner and ally.

It should also be noted that the Tiger Force’s tank units not only maintain their old armored vehicles in working order, but also promptly modernize them in combat conditions. Syrian engineers have upgraded their old equipment and adapted it to the local conditions and tactics of the insurgents. For example, they learned how to counteract attempts to direct suicide vehicles filled with explosives into the thick of the battlefield.

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