Fresh Evidence Exposes Turkish Regime’s Continued Support to Terrorists in Syria

13 August، 2019
Idleb, SANA

New evidence exposing the strong link between the Turkish regime led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and terrorist organizations and the continued support it provides to them has come up to the surface as the so-called “National Front for Liberation” terrorist organization has admitted that the Turkish regime has always and is still providing logistic, military and intelligence support to it.

Speaking through media outlets which are partners in shedding the blood of the Syrians, the Front’s Spokesman Naji Mustafa revealed that the Turkish support for terrorist organizations which spread in Idleb and Hama countryside and other areas has never stopped, adding that the Turkish regime has provided anti-armor TOW missiles for terrorists in an attempt for hampering the advancement of the Syrian Arab Army to liberate these areas from terrorism.

The details of the battles in which the Syrian Arab Army fights against terrorist organizations in Hama countryside and in Idleb southern countryside have exposed the Turkish support for the terrorist organizations as the cameras of the national media have documented the armored vehicles and troop carriers which have been destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army in its battels against terrorists which represent conclusive evidence on the huge support provided by the Turkish regime to terrorists.

Local and media sources last month revealed that the Turkish support has not been limited to certain terrorist groups, but Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization has obtained the largest support as its terrorists received eight excavators last month through the Turkish borders and they started excavations under the supervision of a team of engineers of different Arab nationalities, including those who are specialized in construction and geology.

Over the past months, the Turkish regime has provided hundreds of drones to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists through one of the Turkish merchants with the aim of launching terrorist attacks with chemicals on the civilians and to attack the posts of the Syrian Arab Army from Idleb, according to the sources.

This evidence comes to supports tens of the irrefutable documents which have been published by international media outlets which have affirmed the strong link between terrorists in Syria and the Turkish regime.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri