Mossad Officers Operate in Idlib Under the Guise of “Western Military Experts”

Basma Qaddour

Syrian political analyst Dr. Ahmad al-Derzi has underscored that wherever the Americans exist, the Israelis will be with them indirectly through dual-nationality, and then the Israeli existence will be turned into different forms such as the current Israeli existence in Syria in general and in Idleb in particular.

“In Syria, Israel has created agents network in cooperation with western intelligence agencies, especially Britain, as happened in Daraa, Quneitra and other provinces,” the analyst told the Syriatimes e-newspaper, indicating that the White Helmets organization which fabricates chemical attacks is an example of this network.

Dr. al-Derzi asserted that Mossad officers are acting in Idleb as military experts from Britain, France, the United States and other western countries. “There is also a direct Israeli existence in Syria through volunteers joining the armed Islamic groups that plan for military operations.”

The Israeli role in Syria is not limited to the north of Syria. It is extended to all Syrian territories in varying degrees and this must be confronted through new social, economic and political vision that meets the need of the Syrian people, according to the analyst.

“First and foremost, the Syrian state must recapture all areas being held by armed groups, and until then it can restrain the leaders involved in the Israeli project and make people putting pressure on them,” he stated.

Israel and Kurdish groups

Asked about the current cooperation between Israel and some Kurdish groups in Syria, Dr. al-Derzi made it clear that out of 42 Kurdish political parties, only the left-leaning People’s Democracy Party plus some Kurdish leaders affiliated to the so-called the Kurdish Democratic Political Union- linked to Iraqi Kurdish Kurdistan Democratic Party- cooperate with Israel.

“This cooperation will fail because of the popular rejection of the existence of Israel in the region on the one hand and regional shift and the decline of the American, Israeli and European role in the ongoing war on the other hand,” the analyst affirmed.

He pointed out that the US President Donald Trump’s unexpected decision to withdraw US troops from Syria that coincided with Turkish threat to invade the north of Syria confused the Kurdish parties, especially, the Kurdistan party. Therefore, some Kurdish leaders made visits to western capitals to guarantee that the US troops will not withdraw from Syria before reaching a political settlement that provides for the recognition of Kurdish self-administration.

“Those leaders have failed to convince the people in the north area to accept cooperation with Israel to reach what they call ‘national gains’”, the analyst stressed.

He referred to the fact that the Israeli attempts to break through the Syrian Kurds have failed since the foundation of the Zionist entity in the region. “Most of the Syrian Kurds are against establishing relations with Israel or recognizing its legitimacy.

“The recent evidence of differences among the Kurds is the statement released by the Syrian Democratic Council that denies signing economic deal to facilitate the sale of Syrian oil to Israel, Dr. al-Derzi concluded.