Terrorists Shell Hmeymim Air Base as Violations of Ceasefire Increase in the De-escalation Zone in Hama and Idlib

Situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone has deteriorated sharply. Despite the ceasefire regime being established throughout the country, there is an increase of cases of ceasefire regime violation by illegal armed formations.

Over the past day terrorists attacked Al-Suqaylabiyah (three times), Mheir (twice), Braididj (twice), Taiba al-Imam and Hamamiyat in Hama province, Safsafa (five times), Kalayat Marz, Ikko, Ain al-Hanzir and Qastal al-Berdj in Latakia province, Abu al-Duhur and Niha in Idlib province.

The shelling was conducted from the areas of the localities of wild Qbana (twice), Kalyat al-Mudik (twice), Khirbet al-Arus, Tuffahija.

Twice today, in the morning and in the evening, there was an attack on Hmeymim Air Base with the use of multiple launch rocket systems. Both times the fire came from the Eastern direction from the area of the settlement of Zawiya, located in the Idlib de-escalation zone and controlled by Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham. 36 missiles have been fired. Terrorist’s fire control was conducted with the use of UAV.

The attacks are reflected by the air defence forces on duty, there are no injury or damage at the airbase.

All points of missile launch by terrorists were identified and suppressed by Russian Aerospace Forces and artillery of Syrian government troops.