Mass Deaths Plague Syria’s Rukban Refugee Camp

TEHRAN (FNA)- The situation in the Rukban refugee camp in Syria continues to deteriorate, satellite images show that the number of graves on the makeshift burial site is rapidly increasing, Head of Russia’s National Defense Control Center Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev stated on Friday.

“In spite of the measures taken to tackle the situation, the Rukban camp for internally displaced people continues to exist. The people in the camp are subjected to horrendous conditions, which deteriorate with every passing day,” he said at a joint meeting of the Russian and Syrian inter-agency coordination headquarters on the issue of resettling the refugees in Syria, TASS reported.

“The latest satellite images reveal that the number of graves on the improvised burial sites located near the living quarters continues to rapidly grow. We receive daily reports about the deaths of infants and children as a result of unsanitary conditions and infectious diseases, a lack of doctors and basic healthcare in the camp,” Mizintsev stressed.