Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Headquarters March 14 Report on the Plight of Syrians in Rukban Camp


by joint coordination headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic “On the plight of the Rukban camp refugees”

(March 14, 2019)

For 1,778 days now the Syrian citizens has been suffering forcibly detained in Rukban refugee camp by US-controlled armed groups.

The US-controlled Magavir al-Thawrah gangs continue to commit crimes in the occupied al-Tanf area and force them to work for themselves.

The disastrous humanitarian situation in the camp is seriously aggravated by the criminal situation created by the militants with the connivance and direct support of the American side. Syrian citizens are involved in smuggling weapons and ammunition. Human trafficking is flourishing.

All this makes the life of ordinary people in the camp even more unbearable, forms a high level of terrorist threat, which causes concern to the Jordanian and Iraqi authorities.

We would like to remind you that according to official UN statistics, more than 95 percent of the residents of the Rukban camp want to leave the camp, and 80 percent want a speedy return to the territory controlled by the Syrian government.

Today, the third international donor conference to raise funds for Syria continues its work in Brussels. Unfortunately, the leadership of the republic was denied participation in this forum, and therefore the interests of the overwhelming number of Syrians, who are still suffering from the dire consequences of the war against terrorist organizations, were not represented at the forum.

The UN regional humanitarian coordinator for the Syrian crisis, who arrived to attend the conference, said in his statement that the Rukban camp is not the place where people should live and it is necessary to create all the conditions for its dissolution.

We hope that the distribution of the collected funds will not be politicized, and a significant part of them will go towards restoring peaceful life in the territories controlled by the Syrian authorities, including ensuring a decent life in the places of residence chosen for return by the residents of Rukban.

The Syrian authorities need international financial assistance and are ready to ensure transparency in the use of these funds for their intended purpose.

Head of Russian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees – Head of National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation

Mizintsev M.

Head of Syrian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees – Local Administration Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic

Makhlouf H.