Syrian Army Repels Israeli Attack on Damascus

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The airstrike comes after Israeli warplanes conducted a similar attack against Syria on 25 December, destroying an ammunition depot near the capital Damascus.

Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) has published a video in which it says the country’s air defence systems intercept missiles launched by Israeli warplanes.

Earlier, the state-run news agency cited a military source as saying that Israeli jets fired several missiles towards the vicinity of Damascus, and that most of the missiles were successfully shot down.

According to the source, the airstrikes nevertheless caused damage to a warehouse at Damascus International Airport, which continued work following the strike.

The airstrike came after Israeli Air Force planes staged a similar attack on Syria on 25 December, when at least three Syrian Army soldiers were wounded and an ammunition depot near Damascus destroyed.

At the time, Syrian air defence systems also managed to intercept most of the missiles which SANA reported were launched by Israeli warplanes from Lebanese air space.

Commenting on the 25 December strike, the Syrian Foreign Ministry, in turn, accused Israel of exacerbating the ongoing war in Syria and hampering the government’s efforts to fight terrorism.

In a message to the UN Secretary-General, the Foreign Ministry said, in particular, that the Israeli airstrike would not have taken place if it was not for what it described as “unlimited” US support for Israel.

Syrian Air defenses intercept hostile missiles launched by Israeli warplanes, down most of them

12 January، 2019
Damascus, SANA

A military source affirmed that the Syrian Air Defenses on Friday night intercepted hostile missiles launched by Israeli warplanes and downed most of them.

The source said that “ at 11:15 before midnight, Israeli warplanes coming from Galilee area launched several missiles towards the surroundings of Damascus and our air defenses immediately intercepted them and downed most of them.”

He added that the aggression caused only material damage to one of the ammunition warehouses at Damascus International Airport.

In a statement to SANA, a source at the Ministry of Transport affirmed that the air traffic at Damascus International Airport is normal and wasn’t affected by the aggression.

Regular Israeli Attacks on Syria Only Possible Due to US Backing

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Syrian air defences reportedly repulsed a night-time strike against multiple targets in Damascus on Friday night, with military sources telling national media that most of the missiles were destroyed before reaching their destinations.

Israel is able to continue to get away with attacks against Syria only because it is protected by the US, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said following the IAF’s latest attack on its soil.

In a statement published on Saturday, the ministry said it had dispatched letters to the secretary general of the United Nations and the head of the UN Security Council (UNSC) in connection with Friday night’s unprovoked attack on Damascus.

“This treacherous aggression fits within the framework of Israel’s attempts to prolong the crisis and the war against the terrorists in Syria, and to raise the morale of the remnants of the terrorist groups acting as its agents,” an excerpt from the letter reads.

“Furthermore, this is another attempt by the Israeli government to avoid addressing pressing domestic problems,” the letter adds.

According to the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Israel’s continued aggression is possible only thanks to the “military, political and media cover provided by the US administration.”

Earlier, Syrian media reported that Israeli jets had fired multiple missiles at Damascus on Friday night, adding that most of the missiles were shot down before reaching their targets. On Saturday, a military source said that the Damascus International Airport had been targeted in the attack, and that a warehouse at the airport had been damaged. Later, a Ministry of Transport source said that traffic at the airport was not affected by the strikes.

Syrian media published multiple videos showing enemy missiles being shot down.

The sounds of blasts were first heard in the Syrian capital around 11:30 pm local time, and continued into the early hours of Saturday morning.

Friday night’s airstrikes were the first since an Israeli attack on Christmas Day which destroyed an ammunition depot outside Damascus and wounded three Syrian soldiers. In that strike, Syrian air defence forces reported having destroyed most of the incoming missiles, which were said to have been launched from Lebanese air space. The Russian Defence Ministry slammed Israel over the 25 December attack, saying it put two civilian airliners in the area at risk. Lebanon’s Transport Ministry, in turn, also said that two civilian aircraft operating in Lebanese airspace had “miraculously” avoided being impacted by the Israeli strike.