Army Conducts Operations Against Terrorists’ Positions in Idleb Countryside

11 January، 2019
Idleb/Hama, SANA

Units of the Syrian Arab Army on Friday carried out operations against positions of terrorist groups on the outskirts of the towns of Jarjanaz, al-Qadfa, al-Khwein in southern countryside of Idleb , inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and arms, SANA reporter said.

The reporter added that the army units thwarted an infiltration attempt by terrorist groups of the so-called “Al-Izza Brigade” from Latamineh city towards the safe villages and the neighboring military points.

At the outskirts of al-Ziara town in al-Ghab valley in the northern countryside of Hama, SANA reporter said that a vehicle of the so-called “White Helmets” was destroyed as it entered a field of landmines planted by “Tukistani organization” terrorists.

Weapons and ammo left behind terrorists found in Damascus and Quneitra countryside

11 January، 2019
Damascus/Quneitra, SANA

Authorities on Friday found weapons and ammo, some of which are British made, and vehicles of the so-called “White Helmets” group left behind terrorists in western part of Damascus Countryside province and Quneitra countryside.

SANA’s reporter said that large amounts of weapons and munitions left behind terrorist organizations were found during the sweeping operations in towns and villages in western part of Damascus Countryside province and the countryside of Quneitra.

The seized weapons included large amounts of weapons , various ammo , a number of stolen vehiclesand a British-made fire engine which was used by “White Helmets” group, in addition to a bulldozer and two modern cars entering from the occupied territories as part of the support provided by the Israeli entity to the terrorist groups.