How Western Sanctions Bring Suffering to the Syrian People

Pierre Le Corf it’s hard to feel so helpless despite this big ball of hope that I have inside … the sanctions are lethal here, as much the Syrian government is working with its allies to counter the Western suffocation, there would be so much less suffering if we ended this double war in white-collar workers. Make no mistake, it is not a question of punishing the Syrian government, but it is a question of directly reaching the people, creating social, economic, humanitarian and military pressure by supporting not only the terrorists but also trying to stifle the country with one hand through sanctions and another by facilitating the departure of Syrians to Europe to hurt the country in his heart and empty it of its blood, its  people. So many people have to start from 0 again and again … so many inextricable situations still today … a status quo in much of Aleppo. children of one of my friends live in Khaldyah. She does not even bother to keep them inside because they have to breathe. They play behind the mosque on the main street, or on the sidewalk behind mountains of sand.  On the left there is a sniper, in front there is a sniper. The shells fall regularly, at least 3 or 4 a day in this neighborhood … and it’s really violent … would not know how to describe this without showing raw images of people, children with their heads split in two, entrails … from projectiles used to wound and kill. This year will be decisive both militarily and diplomatically.

The French government has had and has a huge involvement in the events here,  and this alongside terrorist groups, registered as terrorist organizations in France … if the yellow vests are so active on the ground to defend our rights,  I hope they will know how to remember an agenda that is less well known but has a huge impact on our politics, our security and our future, namely our military and international diplomatic involvement, so many terrible choices that have been made in recent years, including the simple people here or in France paying the price … and if we keep silent we are all responsible.