US-Led Coalition Commits New Massacre in Hajin, Eastern Deir Ezzor

Sana Arabic
The United States-led international coalition committed a new massacre in Hajin town, 110 km east of the city of Deir al-Zour.

Sources told SANA that alliance aircraft intensified strikes over the past few hours resulting in the 26 civilians dead and dozens injured, and many homes destroyed.

The number of dead are likely to rise because of continuous raids and the difficulty of lifting the wounded from the rubble, in addition to the critical condition of the injured.

The coalition is deliberately shelling civilian houses in the town under the pretext of targeting terrorists, and the ongoing aggression has caused the displacement of hundreds of civilians as a result of the destruction of their homes.

The new massacre of the alleged international coalition came only four days after the bombing of the new market area in the town with bombs made of internationally banned white phosphorus, causing numerous civilian casualties, the burning of many shops and residential buildings, forcing many families to leave their homes to save their lives.

The United States leads an illegal coalition outside the Security Council mandate, allegedly to fight Da’esh in Syria, while most of the raids have targeted the civilian population and caused dozens of massacres and destruction of infrastructure and vital installations.