Turkish Troops Occupy More Syrian Territory in Northwestern Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Turkish military has occupied more regions and cut off water sources to Syrian territories after building a buffer wall at border with Lattakia province, a Russian media outlet reported on Friday.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted local sources in the small town of Kesab in Northern Lattakia as reporting that the Turkey-made buffer wall has destroyed vast lands in border villages, a number of residential units and tourist destinations in Syria.

It went on to say that hundreds of farmers in the region have lost their lands, adding that the buffer wall that stretches from the border to the Mediterranean Sea has also damaged water reservoirs.

The report further called on the international organization to investigate Turkish aggression.

Sputnik reported last month that Turkey started construction operation in Mount al-Aqra (Casius) to pave the way for building a very large military baes in the mount that was the highest point in the region, capable of overlooking Syria’s Northern coastal region.

In the meantime, a Syrian military source said that Ankara has also started mulling to build a buffer wall on its soil along the border with Northern Lattakia, adding that Turkey has brought in tens of terrorists via Syrian borders to occupy Northern Lattakia.

The source went on to say that Turkey has set up a base for Turkistani, Azerbaijani and Chechen terrorists in the small town of Yaldha opposite the Kesab border-crossing in Northern Lattakia, adding that the terrorists have already participated in every offensive against the Syrian Army in the region.