Syria Calls for Investigation into International Coalition’s Massacres on its Territories

Damascus, SANA

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said the mass graves discovered recently in Raqqa city prove the bloody massacres committed by “Washington Coalition” against the Syrian people, calling on the UN Security Council to conduct an investigation into these crimes.

In two letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and head of the UN Security Council, the ministry said that a number of mass graves were recently discovered in Raqqa city containing the bodies of over 4000, most of them women, children and elderly.

The ministry pointed out that the graves were discovered under the rubble from the strikes of the international coalition against Raqqa city, namely the areas of the White Park, al-Rasheed Stadium and the Zoo. Moreover, a mass grave was discovered in a farm near the Children’s Hospital and the National Hospital with the remnants of 2500 women, children and elderly.

Also yesterday, a mass grave was discovered in the Panorama area, containing the bodies of over 1500 civilians killed by the Coalition’s strikes against Raqqa city last year, added the ministry.

“The tragic revelation of these mass graves, knowing that only 2 percent of rubble caused by the Coalition’s strikes have been removed so far, comes to reveal the truth about the information we repeatedly provided about the bloody crimes of the Coalition against the Syrian people especially in Raqqa which have been flattened by the International Coalition after it moved Daesh terrorists out for fear for their safety to Deir Ezzor to fight the Syrian army and push ahead with its plan to undermine Syria’s unity and sovereignty, aided by its affiliated militias,” the ministry said.

The ministry strongly denounced the Coalition’s attacks and war crimes against the Syrian civilians, also denouncing some countries’ reluctance to steer clear from this coalition and its crimes.

Syria expresses regret over the silence of some countries and international parties over the killing of thousands of Raqqa locals and the whole destruction of the city, according to the ministry’s letters.

The ministry concluded the letters by calling on the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities in preserving international peace and security and to act promptly to end the crimes of the international coalition against the Syrian people,

Syria also calls for conducting an international investigation into these crimes, reiterating call for terminating the illegal presence of the US and other foreign troops on the Syrian territories, the ministry pointed out.