Russian MoD: Ankara Has Failed to Implement All Responsibilities According to Idleb Agreement November، 2018
Moscow, SANA

Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that Turkey hasn’t implemented all the responsibilities and commitments which Idleb Agreement stipulates for regarding to the establishment of demilitarized zone.

In statements published by Russian media outlets on Wednesday, the Ministry’s Spokesman Igor Konashinkov said “Ankara has failed in implementing all the responsibilities and commitments which Idleb Agreement stipulates for with regard to establishing a demilitarized zone in Idleb, but it exerts tangible efforts in this regard.”

Konashinkov indicated that implementing the Russian-Turkish agreement regarding Idleb is an important issue for calming the situations in Syria.

“We have noticed the efforts exerted by Turkey for implementing Idleb Agreement,” he noted.

He reiterated his country’s adherence to implementing the provisions of the agreement, indicating that many of the terrorist organizations still reject the agreement which was declared on Sep. 17th in the Russian city of Sochi and which came as a result of intensified consultations.

Konashinkov warned against the continued attempts by terrorists to undermine the agreement through fabricating chemical attacks to accuse the Syrian Army of them.

In a relevant context, he said that the US-led coalition launches intensified airstrikes using ammunition which is banned according to international agreements.

He added that the coalition’s airstrikes claimed the lives of at least 120 civilians in eastern Syria in a month, affirming at the same time that despite of the intensified raids, Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization is still receiving weapons and advanced equipment as “Moscow is working on discovering their sources.”

The Russian military official warned against the catastrophic humanitarian situation in al-Rukban Camp due to the irresponsible acts of the US which are represented in imposing control over the Camp, in addition to training armed formations from the locals in the area.

He noted that the catastrophic humanitarian situation is not only in al-Rukban Camp, indicating that the situation in the area where the US forces exist to the east of the Euphrates River is “rapidly deteriorating”.

He also warned off the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Raqqa where chaos spreads and the danger of the return of terrorists increases.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri