Syrian Citizens in Occupied Golan Will Foil All Israeli Judaization Schemes

30 October، 2018
Occupied Syrian Golan, SANA

Liberated prisoner Bishir al-Maqt stressed that Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan will foil all the schemes of the Israeli occupation which aim at Judaizing Golan, the latest of which holding the so-called “local councils’ elections” as they affirmed their categorical rejection of them.

In statements on Tuesday, al-Maqt reiterated that Syrian citizens in occupied Golan are determined to continue their sit-ins in rejection of these elections which are due to be held today and of all the Judaization measures taken by the occupation.

He indicated that forces of the Israeli occupation attacked the participants in the sit-in in Majdal Shams town with live bullets and gas bombs and arrested a number of them.

“What are called elections are void and they are valueless and all the measures taken by the occupation in Golan are null,” al-Maqt said.

He affirmed the adherence of the Syrian citizens in occupied Golan to their Syrian Arab identity and to their national principled stances, asserting that they will continue the struggle to foil all the Judaization schemes of the Israeli occupation.

Since the morning, Syrian citizens in Majdal Shams town in occupied Syrian Golan held a sit-in in front of the Secondary School in rejection of the so-called “local councils’ elections” which the Israeli occupation authorities try to impose on them.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/