Kadyrov: States Supporting Terrorists Seek to Prolong War in Syria

“No matter how much the leadership of Syria, the Syrian people would like it, the war will not end until America, Israel, Europe and other coalition countries want it. The interests of many states have clashed there. Until these states agree on the need to end the war, the bloodshed will continue there,” Kadyrov said at a press conference late on Saturday.

The Syrian state has managed to last due to the efforts of Russia, Kadyrov noted, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin “as a peacemaker, acts in accordance with the norms of international community and protects the integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. Europe and the West have other interests”.

28 October، 2018
Moscow, SANA

President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the war in Syria is still continuous because some sides, on top of which the USA, the Zionist entity and some European states seek to prolong it in service of their own interests.

Kadyrov clarified in a press conference held in Grozny and quoted by Russian Sputnik News Agency that the crisis in Syria will end once the USA, Israel and European states stop their support to terrorist organizations.

He said that “there are leaders of terrorists in Syria who are supplied of all what they need otherwise they would not survive for a single day. “

Rasha Milhem