Nasrallah: Resistance Today is Stronger than the Israeli Army Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that the 2006 victory over the Israeli enemy was achieved not only thanks to the international organizations of the United Nations and others, but also thanks to the Arab League and the Arab regimes, thanks to God and the steadfastness of the Lebanese people. “Hezbollah and the resistance today are stronger than the Israeli army,” he said.

Nasrallah’s words came Tuesday evening at the central celebration held by Hezbollah in the southern suburbs of Beirut on the 12th anniversary of the July 2006 victory. “After the failure of the American-Israeli project in 2006, we went to the new stage and today, for seven years, The region is surrounded by Israel and its goal is to strengthen Israel and establish it as a leader of this region. “Today, let me talk about Israel, where are we and where are we? “We are fighting a battle for hope, leadership and battle today and in the years to come.” He asked, “Where is the American-Israeli project, and where is the axis of resistance in any location anyway?”

“If we go back to 2006, everyone remembers that the goals of the war are to achieve the American project led by George W. Bush and his administration after the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and reach the border with Syria,” Nasrallah said. “The July war was the basis of this project. “We can say that there was a plan for the American project, the new Middle East, to consecrate the leadership of Israel and after their failure they moved to the new plan of what we faced and what we are facing today,” he said. “In the July war, Surrender to them they have asked We accepted the weapons to stop the war and accepted the multinational forces of the American administration, such as those that occupied Iraq in 2003, and accepted them on the border with Palestine and Syria and at Beirut airport and the port of Beirut and handed over the prisoners. “He stressed that” If Lebanon fell, the project would follow the path to eliminate Syria and the Palestinian resistance “He pointed out that” steadfastness in Lebanon dropped the project and the realization of the dreams of America and Israel in the region for years and created very important transformations in the region. ”

“Since 2006, Israel has been deterred by Lebanon because of the equations of resistance and is rebuilding itself in the light of the defeat and its repercussions,” Nasrallah said. “Israel considers that Lebanon has a force that is a central concern and threat to it, hiding behind the walls and expressing its fears on the internal front. “He added,” Israel is working on electricity, oil, gas and colonies because they know that in exchange for a strong and serious enemy, “and” for the first time in the Zionist entity there are plans for defense in the event of entry into Galilee, “He explained that” the resistance today in Lebanon with the possession of Weapons, capabilities, capabilities, abilities, experiences and experiences Lehman Azzam and courage is stronger than any time ever since its inception, “and pointed out that” Hezbollah today more confident and Tocla on his Lord more than ever before, and his promise of victory to the Mujahideen “and stressed” Hezbollah today is stronger than the Israeli army. ”

“All the Zionist officials were saying that it is in Israel’s interest to go to the Syrian regime,” Nasrallah said. “Israel is a full partner in the war against Syria and it provided all the necessary support to the armed groups in the Syrian south.” “In the past years, the aim was to overthrow Syria in another way.” Today, the battle of Shehadeh, which Netanyahu is now waging in Syria, is to get Iran and Hezbollah out of there.

In the file deal of the century, Mr. Nasrallah said, “Some tried to impose on governments and officials that the deal of the century is a fate and can only be accepted and inevitable.” He continued, “Today in the light of the developments that have taken place there says that the deal of the century has failed and ended I say that it takes more time and thought, but this deal is certainly facing real problems. There is a great chance that this deal will be dropped more than ever, because of the Palestinian consensus on rejecting this deal, and there is no Palestinian official or leader to sign the sale and give Jerusalem to the Zionists “.

Nasrallah pointed out that “the steadfastness of the axis of resistance from Iran, the victory of Iraq and Syria, the steadfastness of Yemen and the reality in Lebanon, all have its effects, but the reality is different from the bets of the owners of the deal. Which is led by Saudi Arabia in the region, “and stressed that” this axis failed in Syria and Iraq and in pushing the world to encircle Iran and the failure of the axis in its war on Yemen, “and said,” Today let me say from the southern suburb to Dahyan in Yemen know that the killing of your children is Which killed children in Lebanon with the same weapon and for the same purpose We will win the blood of our children in Lebanon will win the blood of your children in Yemen because the successor really and leaders will not tolerate the criminals murderers murderers and this terrible crime is evidence of his great military failure. ”

“Saudi Arabia is suffering from great problems in the Gulf and the world with Qatar and others in the GCC and today with Canada,” he said, adding that “Saudi Arabia intervenes in many squares of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon and holds the head of his government while rejecting political criticism, “The Saudi axis is retreating regionally and internationally and the image of Saudi Arabia today is how it has become despite the spending of the big money to say that it is a good kingdom while it sent terrorist groups to different countries, how is the image of S Recession after the war on Yemen and the humanitarian crisis there is starvation and cholera. ”

“What happened during the past years was the goal of stabilizing Israel in the region and today I tell you all this failure or on the path of failure, God willing,” Nasrallah said. “The wars America and Israel and their axis know that these wars will not lead to a result and that they “The coalition that is failing in Yemen knows that it has failed in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and that it will not succeed anywhere,” he added. “Nobody threatens us with war. However, whoever wants to make war say to him, ‘We are not afraid of war.'” And ready for it and we will win it and this is settled. ”

“They seem to be going to sanctions. Iran is the base of the resistance. It fought the Takfiri and Israeli projects in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen, so they want to target Iran because they can not impose a war on it. They believe that the sanctions could work to weaken Iran from within. And then to weaken the axis from within and then put the names of Iranian and Syrian officials and Hezbollah on the lists of terrorism, “He continued,” The second thing to push towards internal unrest and in this context comes incitement to Hezbollah internal files, “adding” It has become today and say that Iran is such that imposes economic sanctions on Trump, fancy that Iran would drop, he is mistaken. ”

“Iran will celebrate 40 years after the victory of its Islamic revolution, despite all conspiracies. The Islamic Republic of Iran in our region is stronger than ever, but it is the first and will not be able to harm its regime badly and protect its people,” Nasrallah said. “The sanctions against Iran will never affect our strength and resolve because we have the potential, the infrastructure and the manpower to overcome these sanctions,” he said.

“Today, with the victory in Iraq and Syria, and the legendary steadfastness in Yemen and the stability in Iran, we are today,” he said. “Today, we are victorious in Iraq and Syria. Stronger than ever and capable of making victories. ”

In the Lebanese file, Nasrallah said, “We hope that the dialogue will lead to the formation of the government and we will emphasize the avoidance of the street and we are keen on security and safety in Lebanon.” If there is anyone betting on regional variables affecting the formation of the government, “I advise the political leaders not to commit themselves to scandals or positions. I advise them to wait for some developments because Lebanon is not an isolated island,” he said. “We are still in our demands and we are still, but if it is proven that some are betting on regional changes, we have the right to reconsider our demands.

On the anti-corruption file, Nasrallah stressed that “talking about this file was not an election speech, but the starting hour is the hour of forming the government, and the chapter begins when the government is able to make decisions. We are still at our commitments.” “We have an approach and we have a vision. We do not seek revenge against anyone. We do not open a problem with anyone. We have clear strategies and tactics. We may not announce them and we have agreed with our allies that we will cooperate to fight corruption, so we should not rush to hold us accountable.”

Nasrallah said that “in terms of service and life files, who thinks that going to internal conflict solve problems is a suspect because it does not achieve development, but destroys the country.” He said, “If we want to grow, we have to cooperate and the style of some takes the country to the abyss, “This is not inconsistent with criticism, but it can be done objectively without the communication and abuse that has been caused by the electric steamer recently.” He stressed that “with criticism and even with Hezbollah, but you must be aware that there is an open market, especially on the sites of communication Social insult and insult and God knows any electronic army Inside on the line and some running behind them, one tweet on the social networking sites to mobilize the country so we demand calm and deliberation and awareness. ”

“Hezbollah and Amal have agreed not to let anyone enter to sabotage the relationship between them,” he said, addressing the people of the south, the southern suburbs and the Bekaa. “Those who want to develop must maintain the positive relationship between Hezbollah and the Amal movement, which we do not want to go to. “Hezbollah and Amal took the decision to stay together and the existential solidarity between the party and the movement, and on this, the great victory was achieved in July 2006, and whoever can deny the great role of President Nabih Berri,” he said. “The road to development is cooperation. And keep away from bluff and abuse “We have entrusted all leaders and martyrs, headed by Imam Musa al-Sadr, Mr. Abbas al-Moussawi, Sheikh Ragheb and Hajj Emad Mughniyeh, to remain faithful to the covenant and to be with you and only after you.” Victory “.

“We will commemorate the anniversary of this victory,” Nasrallah said. “We will also celebrate in the city of Hermel a few days after the second liberation of the terrorist groups of Takfirism, and what was happening recently is a great July war to achieve the same hopes and dreams. “When we insist on this celebration to confirm the achievement and honor of those who made the achievement of the martyrs, the martyrs and the faithful people, and to consolidate this matter in conscience, souls and reason, and to open the renewed hope against attenuation, Nor Y lessons learned and to strengthen elements of the force. ”

Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated everyone on the anniversary of the July 2006 victory. “Brothers and sisters, I congratulate you today on the day of your historical victory, which God has imposed upon you, on Lebanon and on the nation, because it changed many equations, thank God, who is our victor, Thank you to the martyrs, the wounded, the resistance and the displaced, who are steadfast to the presidents, leaders, forces, currents, associations and the media. All the people of Tibiibin in Lebanon and the entire Arab and Islamic world, and special thanks to all those who stood with us. In that war, namely Iran and Syria. ”

Source: Al Manar Arabic