Syria in the Last 24 Hours: The Army Will Restore Occupied Golan

As the Syrian army liberated Quneitra of terrorism, it will restore the occupied territory

29 July، 2018
Quneitra, SANA

It has been four years since departure and now as the Syrian army has secured al-Quneitra city and eliminated the terrorist presence there, First lieutenant Ahmed al-Hayek from the Internal Security Forces is back to resume his tasks at the detachment which guard the crossing between Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan.

Staring at Syria’s national flag flying over the Iron gate, tears filled his eyes as he remembered the attack carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists against the detachment in August 2014 and the ferocious battle erupted between the two sides and ended with the Syrian soldiers evacuating it.

Al-Hayek is experiencing mixed feelings of joy and sorrow, the joy of victory and the profound sadness over the martyrdom of his colleagues and the loss of loved ones.

With a tone of determination and hope in his voice, he stressed that as the Syrian army succeeded in liberating Quneitra of terrorism, it will restore the occupied territory.

“We came here to celebrate liberating Quneitra of terrorism with hope that one day we or our children will return to our towns and villages,” said Mohammed al-Khalil, a father of three children and a worker in al-Zyabiyeh town in Damascus Countryside who was forced to leave his birthplace, al-Batiha town, when he was seven years old due to Israeli occupation authorities’ practices.

Hundreds of displaced families, who left their homes and villages due to terrorist groups’ brutality and oppression, gathered at al-Tahrir Square in the old part of the liberated city of Quneitra to celebrate the hoisting of Syria’s flag.

A number of citizens stressed that Syria will rise again and the Syrian people will rebuild their country, adding that neither the Zionist enemy nor terrorism and states which support it will make us succumb or give up our rights and territory.

Army advances in al-Yarmouk basin, killing Daesh leader in al-Shajara town

29 July، 2018
Daraa, SANA

Syrian Arab Army units continued carrying out concentrated operations targeting the remnants of Daesh (ISIS) in al-Yarmouk basin area in Daraa province.

SANA’s correspondent said army units are engaged in violent clashes with Daesh terrorists at the outskirts of al-Shajara town, and that they destroyed bases and car bombs for the terror organization, as well as dealing with suicide bombers that are trying to hinder the army’s advance.

The correspondent said the army has cut off the terrorists’ supply and movement routes, in addition to eliminating a number of terrorists including the “emir” of Daesh in al-Shajara, a terrorist nicknamed “Abu Walid al-Masri.”

She added that there have been Israeli reconnaissance aircrafts flying near al-Shajara at the time when terrorist suicide bombers were attempting to reach army positions and the advancing forces.

On a relevant note, the correspondent said later that army engineering units canvassing the surroundings of the al-Shajara found a US-made TOW missile and IEDs in one of the Daesh hideouts, in addition to equipment left behind by the “White Helmets” along with Israeli-made food products and flour produced in the US.

Russian Defense Ministry announces foiling attack on Hmeimim Air Base

29 July، 2018
Moscow, SANA

Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian air defense foiled a new attempt by terrorist groups to launch an attack with on Hmeimim Air Base in Lattakia province.

The Ministry on Saturday said in a statement that the process of launching drones towards Hmeimim Base from the areas controlled by terrorists is still ongoing.

The statement added that the means of monitoring the airspace which are affiliated to the Russian Aerospace Force tracked a drone that was getting near Hmeimim base coming from the northwestern direction and it was launched from areas controlled by terrorist organizations to the north of Lattakia province.

“The aerial target was destroyed at a significant distance from the base by anti-aircraft fire in a routine manner,” the statement said, noting there were no injuries or material damage.