Israel Conducts Air Strikes on Army Points in Quneitra Countryside

Quneitra-Sana Arabic
Translated by Internationalist 360°

A military source said in a statement to SANA that “Israeli enemy aircraft fired several missiles at some of the army points in the vicinity of the town of Hadr and Tal Krom Juba countryside Quneitra causing material damage.”

In parallel with the Israeli aggression, terrorist groups targeted the village of Jaba with rockets and mortars, causing extensive destruction of homes without causing civilian casualties.

The Israeli aggression comes as a clear and desperate attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist organizations that are falling in the face of the blows of the Syrian Arab army, which is advancing in its military operations to end the terrorist presence in the western countryside of Daraa towards the Quneitra countryside.

Israel has intervened directly more than once to support its terrorist mercenaries, not to mention the indirect support of providing them with intelligence and transforming the occupied territories into a place for launching attacks on residential communities and military points, as well as supplying them with weapons and ammunition in the countryside of Daraa and other areas, particularly the eastern city of Ghouta.