Syria in the Last 24 Hours: The Army Liberates Gharaz Area in Daraa

The army liberates Gharaz area in Daraa

10 July، 2018
Daraa, SANA

Units of Syrian Arab Army fully liberated on Tuesday the area of Gharaz to the southeast of Daraa after eliminating the last terrorists’ gatherings there.

SANA’s reporter in Daraa said that army units liberated the area of grain silos and the central prison in Gharaz and took control of the area completely after fierce battles with terrorist groups.

A number of terrorists were killed or injured during the battels while the rest of them fled to neighboring areas.

The reporter added that army’s engineering units immediately swept the area and discovered different kinds of weapons, including a tank, TOW US-made missiles, mortar rounds, rocket shells, tank shells, RPG, IEDs, goggles and western-made communication devices.

Syrian Army Liberated the Town of Gharaz in Southeastern Daraa and Seized More Tow Missiles

The town of Gharaz is located about 5 Km to the east of the old city of Daraa. The town is known for its silos. As the video shows, the Islamist groups had to flee quickly leaving their positions and equipment behind including U.S.-Made Tow Missiles.

Daraa:Bosra Islamist Militants Continue to Surrender Their Heavy & Big Weapons

As part of a previous agreement to grant them amnesty if they surrendered their weapons, Bosra Islamist militants surrendered more of their heavy and big weapons today…

Dozens of families return to their homes in the town of Alma in the village of Daraa after being liberated and secured by army units

Agreement between Syrian state and terrorist groups in four towns in Daraa countryside

10 July، 2018
Daraa, Sana Arabic

An agreement has been reached between the Syrian State and the terrorist groups in the towns of Samlin, Kafr Shams, Kafr Nasej and Aqraba in the northern countryside of Daraa.

According to the agreement, the terrorist groups will hand over their heavy and medium-sized weapons and settle the status of armed men who are willing for settlement.

The agreement also provides for the return of government institutions to the mentioned towns as well as the return of those who left these towns.

The terrorist groups will start to hand over their arms immediately.

Armed groups in Bosra al-Cham continue to hand over weapons to the army

10 July، 2018
Daraa, SANA

Armed groups in Bosra al-Cham city in the eastern countryside of Daraa province continued to hand over their heavy weapons to the Syrian Arab Army as per the agreement reached on Friday.

SANA’s correspondent said that two tanks were handed over on Tuesday by the militants on Bosra, and that this process will continue until all heavy and medium weapons in the towns that are part of the agreement are handed over.

The agreement that was reached on Friday stipulates for a ceasefire and for the armed groups to hand over their heavy and medium weapons, as well as resolving the legal status of militants who wish to remain, and for the terrorists who reject settlement to leave for Idleb.

The army finds US weapons in the liberated area southeast of Daraa

The army opens the road to the town of al-Yadouda in Daraa countryside

10 July، 2018
Daraa, SANA

A unit of the army started on Tuesday to open the road connecting between Daraa and al-Yadouda town in the western countryside, paving the way for the return of displaced families there.

SANA reporter said that the engineering vehicles of the army began today opening the road leading to al-Yadouda town after the armed groups agreed to hand over their weapons to the army and settle their status.

The reporter added that the armed groups in the town will hand over their weapons, and then units of the army enter the town to secure the return of families who were displaced by the terrorist groups.

Aid convoys arrive in number of areas in Daraa countryside

10 July، 2018
Daraa, SANA

Three aid convoys were sent by Daraa Governorate on Tuesday to a number of the villages and towns in the countryside of the province.

The aid is part of the government’s measures to support the citizens of these areas after they have been cleared of terrorism and provide their needs.

SANA’s reporter in Daraa said that a six-truck convoy was sent to the villages and towns of Zaizoun, Tal Shihab, and Kharab al-Shahem to the southwest of Daraa city. The convoy contained 15,000 liters of fuel and 1,100 gas cylinders and 20 tons of flour.

The second convoy was sent by the Governorate to Dael city, containing 4,200 food basket and an amount of flour.

Later, a third convoy containing 40 tons of flour and 10,000 liters of fuel was sent to Bosra al-Cham city in the province’s eastern countryside.