Syria in the Last 24 Hours: Army Deploys at Naseeb Border Crossing

Syrian journalist Rabie Dibeh sends a message to Jordan, telling the Amman government that Syrians take the permission of Jordanian authorities before passing the border crossings and they don’t open their borders to export terrorism to the neighbouring country.

Syrian army deploys at Naseeb border crossing, finds weapons depots, heavy equipment of terrorists’ remnants

7 July، 2018
Daraa , Naseeb Crossing

SANA Personnel of the Syrian Arab Army have been deployed at Naseeb border crossing with Jordan to consolidate the situation of security in it after it was cleared of terrorist groups.

SANA reporter said that the army units, over the past 24 hours, took full control of a number of border police stations in Daraa southeastern countryside reaching to Naseeb crossing where the army personnel have been deployed after combing it and clearing it of the remnants of terrorist organizations which controlled the crossing border for nearly 3 years.

The reporter said that the army units, while combing the area found ammunition and heavy weapons of terrorists’ remnants including BMB and BRDM vehicles, in addition to depots of various ammunition, including tanks and mortar shells, different launchers, medium and small ammunition in addition to a field hospital with foreign-made medicine inside it.

A workshop for manufacturing improvised explosive devices and a prison used by terrorists to detain the abductees were also discovered during the combing process.

A field source clarified the strategic, economic and military importance of restoring the crossing after the restoration of border police stations from Sweida southwestern countryside reaching to Naseeb and deploying guarding points along the border and the closure of all illegal ways and smuggling and supply routes of terrorist groups.

The reporter said that the army units started securing Daraa international highway towards Naseeb border by combing the highway’s both sides and removing the barriers set up by terrorist groups.

On Friday, a military source announced that the Syrian flag was hoisted over Naseeb border crossing with Jordan, some 15 km south of Daraa city.

Hundreds of displaced Syrians return from Lebanon through al-Zamrani crossing

7 July، 2018
Damascus Countryside, SANA

Hundreds of displaced Syrians on Saturday returned from Lebanon through al-Zamrani crossing to the area of al-Qalamoun in Damascus Countryside in framework of the efforts exerted by the Syrian Government to restore the normal life to the areas liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

SANA delegate at the crossing said that a third batch of displaced Syrians in Lebanon that embraces scores of families, mostly women and children on Saturday noon arrived in al-Zamrani crossing coming from the Lebanese town of Arsal as they were waited by a number of buses to transport them to their villages and towns in Damascus Countryside.

The delegate added that personnel of the Syrian Arab Army received the returnees who had earlier left their houses fleeing from terrorists before the army in cooperation with the allied forces restored security and stability to the area.

A number of the returnees expressed thanks for the great sacrifices of the army which restored security and stability to their villages and towns.

They called upon all the displaced Syrians due to terrorism to return to their homes and to contribute to rehabilitating what has been destroyed by terrorists.

Locals of al-Kirk town in Daraa countryside celebrate eliminating terrorism

7 July، 2018
Daraa, SANA

Hundreds of locals of al-Kirk al-Sharqi town in Daraa countryside gathered at the town’s main square and celebrated the elimination of terrorist organizations after the Syrian Arab Army restored safety and security to the town.

The locals raised President Bashar al-Assad‘s pictures and waved the national flag, chanting slogans extolling the sacrifices of the Syrian army.

The locals affirmed the importance of moving forward with the reconciliations to stem the blood of the Syrians.

In the same context, a meeting was held in Um Walad town in the eastern countryside of Daraa in which hundreds of the locals discussed means to restore normal life in the town days after it was declared free of terrorism and joined reconciliation.

The locals called for restoring electricity and water services to the town and demanded their needs met, especially flour and fuel, and a settlement of the legal status of deserters whom the terrorist groups prevented from handing themselves in to the army.

Head of the Health Directorate in Daraa, Ashraf Bamo said that the governorate will rehabilitate the health centers damaged by terrorism and provide them with the necessary cadres.