Russian MoD: OPCW Report on ‘Chemical Attack’ in Syria Feb. 4 Bewildering

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

The report of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) published on May 15, containing the conclusions made by experts of the Fact-Finding Mission in Syria on the alleged chemical attack in the settlement in the settlement of Saraqib, Idlib province, on February 4, is a source of deep confusion.

In its report, the most credible international organization prohibiting chemical weapons concludes that chlorine was “likely used” and some residents of Saraqib have signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine.

However in the conclusion made by the OPCW on using of chemical weapons we see the familiar adverb “likely” which we heard in the Skripal case.

The text of the report reveals the following:

  • OPCW experts have never been on the supposed site of a possible chemical attack, since Idlib is under full control of terrorist groups;

  • all evidence available to the OPCW consists of photographs of some cylinders, the Whatsapp messages and the ‘environmental samples’ from the ‘chemical attack’ site delivered by anonymous ‘activists’.

But the most important thing in the report that all the information about the alleged chemical attack was received remotely from “non-governmental organizations”, and above all from the infamous White Helmets.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has repeatedly emphasized surprising coincidence of accusations of allegedly using “chemical weapons” in Syria in the areas controlled by terrorists and wherever the “White Helmets” swindlers turn out to be with video cameras every time.

During the recent investigation of the staged chemical attack in Douma, the experts of the OPCW, who arrived in Syria, not only visited the hospital, where the victims were supposedly taken, but also met with the participants of those filming of the another fake of the “white-collar workers”.

One gets the impression that there is simply no convincing evidence of Damascus’ involvement in ‘chemical attack’ in Douma, which served as a pretext for a missile strike by the United States, Britain and France in Syria.

Therefore, the initiators of the missile strike are trying to force the OPCW to voice any charges against Damascus. And then use this as an excuse to confer powers to the current purely technical body, the “Fact-Finding mission”, to find those responsible as a replacement for the Joint Investigative Mechanism on Chemical Weapons Use in Syria that had compromised itself and terminated its work in late 2017.

The ultimate goal of this pressure on the leadership and the member countries of the OPCW is the desire of Washington to turn this organization into an instrument of political pressure controlled by the United States for Syria.

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