Turkish Communist Party Protests US Aggression Against Syria

Hundreds of Turks denounce the imperialist attack on Syria during a rally organized by Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), in İstanbul on Saturday.

The protesters gathered at İstanbul’ central Kadıköy neighbourhood before marching to a large square, chanting anti-imperialist slogans and holding banners.

They held up banners that read ” “Down with the USA, down with NATO,” “Invaders always lose,” “Shut down the NATO bases.”

Late Friday the US-UK-France launched a coordinated airstrike in Syria, under the pretext of the unsubstantiated international campaign about the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Douma.

“Killer US get out of the Middle East,” “The people of Syria are not alone” protesters shouted.

Central Committee Member of TKP, Mehmet Kuzulugil gave a speech in the square. Kuzulugil emphasized solidarity with the Syrian people who opposed the plunder of the country and did not bow to the plans of dismantling Syria.

“We know, your big plan is to shatter Syria. Salute to the people of Syria who are not defeated by despoilment,” he said.

Underlining that the TKP is on duty, Kuzulugil said, ”Our duty is to enlighten. We will work for it. We will work to hold the imperialists responsible.”

The protest was completed with the slogans “The people of Syria are not alone” and “The invaders always lose”.

SOL International

Members of the TKP and the ÖDP organized a protest in front of the British Consulate in Izmir.

“The Syrian people are not alone”, “Killer US collaborator AKP”, “Killer get out of the Middle East”.