Zionism and Terrorism: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Shaaban: Syria is determined to liberate every inch of its territory

Silva Razouk
Translated by Internationalist 360°

President of the Board of Trustees of the Jerusalem International Foundation, Bouthaina Shaaban, stressed that Syria is determined to liberate every inch of territory of the Syrian Arab Republic  from terrorism, Turkish and American occupation.

In response to a question by Al-Watan on the sidelines of the cultural symposium held by the Jerusalem International Foundation on the occasion of the forty-second anniversary of the Land Day, Shaaban said,

“The Golan will be liberated. Afrin and Raqqa will be liberated. Syria will return free to its people, God willing, and all in its time “.

Referring to the sacrifice of our army and our people during this war launched upon our land, is to tell the enemy  that,

“This Holy Land is our land and it is us, and whatever they send,  terrorists and criminals from all over the world,  will be buried in this land or return from where they came.  They have tried to invade our country for thousands of years, but we have always won in every battle, because they only wanted our land to plunder our wealth and humiliate our people. This dream will never manifest,  now or in the future.”

And on the messages commemorating the Land Day, she said that after decades of Israeli occupation of Palestine, we see that possession of the land is the first and the last goal and that Zionism and terrorism are two sides of one coin and the implementation of terrorism in Syria is connected to Zionist terror against the Palestinian people. She called for more thought, planning, strategies and unity of ranks to confront this enemy. We have no doubt that the future belongs to us  and they (Zionists/terrorists) are merely passers-by.

During the symposium, Shaaban called for forming a nucleus of action in every Arab country to defend Palestine and the Arab right everywhere, considering that Syria’s victory over regional and international terrorism marks the beginning of a new phase in history for the restoration of rights.

She pointed to the King document issued in early March 1976, which recommended reducing the proportion of Arabs who attain education, pointing out that no Arab can enter the disciplines of nuclear physics or any specialized area requiring cognitive competence in any university in the West.

The political and media adviser said that heroes such as  Tamimi should inspire us to resist Western and Zionist projects which are working to change the face of the region and exploit it, stressing that the battle is long and that «the right belongs to   the owners of the house, no matter how long».

The events of the Land Day are due to the great popular mobilization witnessed in the occupied Palestinian territories in March 1976, when a comprehensive strike was declared in various Palestinian towns and villages after the Israeli occupation authorities approved a plan to confiscate thousands of dunums of privately owned Palestinian land under the cover of a plan called the Galilee Development Project.

In a statement to the «homeland», the head of the Political Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Syria, Ambassador Anwar Abdul Hadi said  it is to be expected after the defeat of terrorists in Al-Ghouta, that the area south of Damascus is the next destination of the Syrian Arab Army, hoping that the gunmen are convinced to leave without battles or bloodshed.

He stressed that the interest of the Syrian state is above all considerations and the Syrian state wants the perimeter of the capital to be safe and free of arms and militants, and we believe that it is necessary to remove  the militants who have inflicted suffering  comparable to what the Palestinians have suffered during the past five years. We as a Palestinian Liberation Organization support any decision taken by the Syrian government.

As for the political solution, Abdul Hadi said that the political movement associated with the Syrian crisis has one credit, namely the results of the Sochi Conference, which laid the foundations for a sound political solution,, especially according to the statement that was voted on, adding that,

“We always exist in coordination and cooperation with Russian friends, we support and facilitate things from the point of view of preserving Syria’s unity and sovereignty.”